Your June 2020 Horoscopes with the Spellsisters

Listen, everything is uncertain right now—but we’ll still be looking to the stars for some guidance.
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Welcome to the our monthly astrology column coming by way of Kelli Jenkins and Hayley Trussell, better known around Indy as the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.


June begins a wild summer ride of cosmic proportions that takes us through the gauntlet of global revelations for personal growth. This year is punctuated by SIX eclipses (most years only have four…um), and we have a huge chunk of them happening within the next 30 days—classic 2020. The month starts with a powerful lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5 that brings expansion and freedom to areas surrounding travel, exploration, higher learning, and legal issues. Lunar eclipses end things that restrict us, so we’re hoping for changes to human rights laws, social distancing, and more inclusive language to protect the people. Major steps will be skipped in order to accommodate this need for freedom, so events may appear to speed up around this time and not require the usual process.

Mercury goes retrograde on June 18, making conversational slip-ups a possibility; be careful what you commit to. With Venus and Pluto already retrograde and the Sun squared up against Neptune, early June bubbles with illusions that are teeming to reveal the gritty truth. You may have personal revelations come up around this time that require you to rethink your plans. Just know that all is not as it seems and there may be some truly shady stuff going down behind the scenes in business or love. Protect yourself from manipulation and getting roped into someone else’s agenda. 

Toward the middle of June, we see Mercury heavily involved in multiple configurations, indicating that many important messages will come through around this time to move life forward. With big daddy Saturn emphasized, the messages appear to be serious and indicate that more structure is being placed on your circumstances, even as other planets encourage expansion and decadence. There is a feeling that you “need to get back to work” with Saturn, but other elements seem to indicate that there may be many false starts as you get your plans in place for how to proceed with the new normal.

At the end of the month, we see a new paradigm emerging with the solar eclipse at a rare, pivotal degree of Cancer, reinventing the idea of “working from home” and who your real family is. The high energy planets involved with this eclipse signify that major moves are being made, and some of them may be actual changes of residence or business. There’s an opportunity here with Uranus involved to depart from the norm and use the chaos around you as a launchpad for doing things differently. You’re ready to rebel against the established rules and make your own way.

With a mega-charged abundance aspect from Jupiter and Neptune throughout all of June, there’s a wand of bohemian romanticism being waved over your life, encouraging decadence, overspending, overeating, and going with the flow (sometimes to your detriment). Things may turn oddly messy but delightful, as you make it work. 


Happy Birthday bb Gemini! You’re ready to leap this month as events conspire to shake up your outer world and force massive change in your inner life. The full moon lunar eclipse on June 5 has you dealing with partnership issues. Something is likely to come to light in a relationship around this time that quickly ends a cycle that started in 2011. With the Sun and Neptune in an intense configuration, you’re ready for a deeper experience of your relationships. You need to stop turning a blind eye to behaviors that you would never accept from yourself and acknowledge that your boundaries are real and non-negotiable. Although as a mutable sign, your flexibility and boredom with routine make you excellent at navigating clients and partners that need you to change to accommodate them, you’re learning to stand your ground and get clear about what you want. Your birthday season should bring a lot of new diversions and opportunities to expand your mind. You may take on new hobbies now or look into going back to school. Take your chances while you can, because this month will be a gamechanger for you if you’re willing to leap without looking and stand by your choices.

Famous Gemini: Stevie Nicks 

Local Gemini: Erin Houchin, Custom Cookie Baker at Sugar On the Side

Sugar On the Side Bakery | @sugar.on.the.side


CANCER (June 21-July 22)

You are lit from within this month, darling Crab, as difficult planetary placements from Saturn serve to build cosmic character and push you out of your comfort zone. You’re in charge of your own personal identity transformation this month, and with the solar eclipse in your sign on June 21 in your solar house of image, it’s time to change how the world sees you. Your reputation is about to get a rapid redesign to reflect the changes you’ve undergone behind the scenes over the past few months. It’s not all roses and you’re ready to get your hands dirty for a cause. Get ready to emerge victorious from your cocoon and showcase what you’ve been working on.

Famous Cancer: Aubrey Plaza

Local Cancer: Ashley Brooks, President of Garfield Park Farmer’s Market

Garfield Park Farmer’s Market | 2345 Pagoda Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46203 |

LEO (July 23-AUGUST 22)

Dear Leo, recent events may have made you feel less useful in your own life’s narrative and forced you to reconsider your direction. You’re exploring a different side of yourself now–one that forgoes the spotlight in order for someone else to take center stage and doesn’t have to try so hard to be heard. This month, expect to take a back seat to a cause you’re working on that’s much larger than yourself. This can be a dreamy time, where you spend a lot of time fantasizing and not a lot of time doing. Give yourself permission to dream: you’ll need more rest during this time as you gear up for massive identity changes coming for you in July. 

Famous Leo: Whitney Houston 

Local Leo: Michele McAtee, Bar Manager at Black Market

Black Market Indy | 922 Massachusetts Avenue |

Virgo (AUGUST 23-September 22)

Sweet Virgo, your work ethic is absolutely stellar, but this month, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with all the tasks being asked of you. You’re trying to keep it all together and doing amazing, sweetie–but nevertheless, you have a lot going on and so many people, kids, clients…dogs even who need you more than ever. Instead of stewing in totally understandable resentment, take a deep breath and focus on leading by example. It might be time to nurture yourself and create a sacred home space to come back to after all the social duties and busy work fill up your calendar in June. You may be physically relocating in some way this month, so don’t take on more than you know you comfortably have time for.

Famous Virgo: Jenna Marbles

Local Virgo: Brooke Taylor, Photographer at Studio She

Studio She @ Cat Head Press | 3125 E. 10th Street

Libra (September 23-October 22)

As we head into the start of June, baby Libra, the lunar eclipse in your house of communication and local travel may be driving you all over the place trying to make plans happen. With stressful planetary influences to your sign, you may be forced to end a project that no longer lights you up. Don’t be discouraged by what’s revealed: you will no longer have time to fritter your talents away on just anything, so endings are a positive sign that something better is on the way. Later in the month, positive aspects to your ruling planet Venus inspire you to upgrade your style and possibly your resume. Professionally, you’re on fire and things are moving fast, but love may be triggering frustration as emotions run high and require you to take some time alone.

Famous Libra: Gwen Stefani

Local Libra: Annie Stultz, Owner of Antiquarium Vintage Market  

Antiquarium Market | | @antiquariummarket

Scorpio (OCTOBER 23-November 21)

You’re phoenixing again, dearest Scorpio, and this month emphasizes changes in your income and self-worth (espesh since they can be closely related). Random yet fated events in publishing or higher education may show you expanding your work to a larger audience or applying to school a lot quicker than you expected. You’re the sign that’s most at home in a cycle of death and rebirth and this month should offer major changes while allowing you the power of choice. You’re riding the wave and any roadblocks that appear during June are there to encourage you down a path you would never choose on your own. Expect to encounter opposition from others that are living less authentically, but don’t take the criticism to heart: you’re on a sacred journey.

Famous Scorpio: Winona Ryder 

Local Scorpio: Bre Domescik, Therapist and Creative Repurposer

Bre A. Domescik Therapeutic Arts & Services |

Scorpio (October 23-November 22)

This month’s early full moon is in your sign, giving you a renewed sense of self. It’s like you suddenly remember who the eff you are, and you’re feeling like a million bucks back in your zone. Honestly, we’re not gonna sugarcoat it: You’ve probably been having a rough go of it the past few months, and even if you’re cozying up to isolation now, it was especially tough for you, Scorp, babe. Now that you’re hitting your stride, you’re turning over parts of yourself that were either neglected or long forgotten. This month, you’ll be feeling sentimental and totally in tune with your instincts. Your words of wisdom are like a soothing balm for everyone around you, but someone in your sphere is getting rare extra special attention from you this month. IDK, maybe it’s time to take something to the next level? Romantic relationships are especially blessed this month for you. Shoot your shot. 

Famous Scorpio: Bob Ross 

Local Scorpio: Mary Herrera, owner of Era Pilates in Fountain Square

Era Pilates, 1225 Prospect St Unit A,

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

You’re done with monotony, Sag, and while the past few months have given you time to think about what behaviors you want to change, it’s time to make those changes last. You’re a new person, a quieter person, and you have different needs that nourish you now. The eclipses this month affect your house of identity and intimacy, respectively—showcasing that you need to begin living less superficially and engage emotional muscles that may have gone unused for years. You’re ready to tell the truth about something that you’ve been keeping hidden. No matter how scary it feels, it feels worse to paper over your feelings and disengage: this month, your power comes from authenticity and vulnerability.

Famous Sagittarius: Nicki Minaj

Local Sagittarius: Katie Marple, Stylist for PATTERN Magazine and many others

PATTERN Magazine and Studio |

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

June has you undergoing a massive reinvention in your relationship this month, Cappie, and learning to depend on others in the process. Although duty continues to call, you’re turning within to hear your soul’s stirrings and fill up your spiritual cup. It’s okay to take a break, even if it feels embarrassing when you see how hard some people are working in the “real world.” You just won’t have the energy for that right now, but you do have the power to dream and engage with a higher power, as well as show up for others. If you’ve been waiting to make a decision about an important relationship or business partnership, the time has come: You know what you need to do.

Famous Capricorn: Dolly Parton

Local Capricorn: Stevi Stoesz Kersh, co-host of Badassery Life Podcast 

Badassery Life Podcast | Listen here:

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Taking care of yourself is suddenly more important than ever as the solar eclipse hits on your sixth house of health and habit. Revolutionizing yourself is kinda all in a day’s work for you, Aqua babe, but overhauling your wellness routine is going to be at the forefront of your mind in early June. You’ll have cosmic forces backing you up that make picking up new skills easier than ever. Speaking of which, have you noticed that everyone seems to be roller skating lately?! It’s entirely possible all this time hunkered down at home has exposed a part of you that you forgot existed, exposing habits that you *used to have* but no longer fit who you are. Suddenly you might find yourself intensely invested in something you always neglected before, like skin care.

Famous Aquarius: Frederick Douglass

Local Aquarius: Tori Sandler, Co-owner of Rebel Vintage 

Rebel Vintage | 1051 E. 54th Street, Ste. A | | @rebelvintageindy

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Your manifesting powers are especially effective this month, because you are able to take a step back and get a little bit more clarity than you usually can. This is giving you some subjective perspective, making the pathway toward your desired life suddenly clear. Eclipses tend to clear up any muck and pave the way toward destiny, and I’m just saying, you’re kinda blessed on this one. This eclipse could quite literally change the course of your life, as it hits your tenth house of career. If you can trust in the universe, you will be a money magnet in June and all sorts of pie-in-the-sky opportunities will open up for you. This month you have the benefit of divine timing, so use it to your advantage by trying to be in the right places at the right times doing the right things.

Famous Pisces: Rashida Jones 

Local Pisces: Regina Vuskovich, Co-owner of Yats restaurant

Yats | 5363 N. College Ave & 885 Massachusetts Avenue |

Aries (March 21-April 19)

You’re kinda over being innocuous… As you start to get back into a routine in June, you’ll realize that nobody was doing your job while you were out of office, and you are fully booked! You’re going to lean into the hustle this month and feel really good about all that you can accomplish while you keep yourself busy. Gemini season is doing you all the favors. You’re the life of the party this month, even if it’s just, like, the tiniest backyard get-together, and people can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to. You have an overwhelming urge to get outta town and be adventurous in June. Mercury Retrograde might put a damper on any plans you have to travel, but even small day trips can scratch the itch. 

Famous Aries: Paul Rudd 

Local Aries: Shauta Marsh, Co-founder and Director of Programming at Big Car Collaborative

Big Car Collaborative/Tube Factory Artspace | 1125 S. Cruft Street |

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

This month’s got you feeling crafty AF, and you’ve got lots of schemes in mind to help you get back on your feet. But they aren’t really schemes; they’re actually really good ideas. June is going to be a productive month for you, and you’ll be feeling super inspired to take action and step into your power to get stuff done. This month is about rebuilding–projects, plans, businesses. Your task this month is to cut ties with anything that feels like it’s holding you back. It’s really important right now for you to make sure you’re not living in the past… or future. Focus on living in the present moment. What’s making you feel good right now? If you’re not getting anything out of the situation anymore, why are you still in it?

Famous Taurus: Gal Gadot

Local Taurus: Lindsay Wainscott, Owner of Nails by Neat 

Neat Mobile Nail Salon | | @nailsbyneat 

Photo by Schwebach Photography.

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