Sh!t You Should Know: Drains

Hope Plumbing’s top tips for tending to drains.
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Join Indy Maven CEO Leslie Bailey in her kitchen with Ashley from Hope Plumbing. Today, they’re talking all things drains. Watch for simple, yet crucial tips to take care of them. There are things we can do at home, but when in doubt, just call Hope. Drains are… necessary. Clogging them is… not. 

  • To avoid fruit flies laying eggs in your drains (!!) – and/or to clean your drains in general – pour white vinegar followed by hot water down the drain. *Not too frequently, though, because hot water – over time – can damage your drains.
  • What if a ring falls down the drain, what do you do?
    DON’T stick your hand down the drain.
    DON’T pour any more water down the drain.
    You are going to go underneath the sink, place a bucket under the pipes, loosen the trap in two places, and dump out the section of pipe.
    *Warning, it’s going to be gross.
    More than likely, the ring will be sitting right there, at the bottom of the pipe, waiting for you.
  • What about when other things clog up a drain? Hair, for instance.
    DON’T use Drano. (Over time, Drano will destroy your drains, by melting them. Sh!t you should know, Mavens.)
  • DO use Bio-Clean (or any enzyme, really.). Bio-Clean is all-natural, so safe should it get into the mouths of your fur babies.
    Put it in your drain, and let it sit over night… don’t pour any water down it ’til the morning. In the morning, turn the water on and let it flow. If that doesn’t work? Call your plumber.

This piece was created in partnership with Hope Plumbing.

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