Your December 2020 Horoscopes with the Spellsisters

Listen, everything is uncertain right now—but we’ll still be looking to the stars for some guidance.
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Welcome to the our monthly astrology column coming by way of Kelli Jenkins and Hayley Trussell, better known around Indy as the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.


It’s safe to say that this year we’ve been tested within an inch of our lives, and by now, we’ve mostly grown accustomed to having our expectations pushed to the limit. If you had big 2020 plans, surely they were repeatedly flipped upside down. If you’re not already avidly into astrology, you might be after this wild ride because this has easily been one of the most transformative years on record in our lifetimes, and many of these changes can certainly be explained through astrology. In many ways, December is the pinnacle month of 2020. It’s eclipse season, y’all and with that brings all manner of changes, upheavals and advancements.

The pressure cooker that was the late November lunar eclipse in Gemini carries us into the first week of December. Rearrangements and *big* endings are needed now, particularly to clear out space for new growth in 2021.

Events may swell and spiral at this time, but they’re out of your control and they’re definitely for your highest good. Themes of needing to leave old habits, jobs, relationships, quit toxic people, and release past trauma will surface and repeat themselves. Secrets may come to light in the first half of December that change your plans and possibly your feelings for others. This is a tough time, but it’s also illuminating and freeing. This is a time of chaotic good where we deal with reality and let go of illusions (and outright lies we tell ourselves).

A high point this month: We’ll see a new moon total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 14th. This new moon cycle will facilitate healing, reflection, and planning. Make sure to give yourself plenty of extra time for resting, processing, and feeling your feelings during the week surrounding the new moon. You’re ready to explore new ways of doing things that bring adventure back into your life, possibly without leaving your home (let alone the country). Expect all manner of workarounds, miracles, and exceptions to the rule to dominate this Sag season. 2020 has been a fool’s journey and around the new moon, you’ll notice just how many risks you’ve taken to survive and thrive, as you’ve learned to trust yourself.

The show-stopping event of the year is the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn on the 21st, the same day as the solstice and the Ursids meteor shower. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and Saturn, the planet of adulting, meet to cause a major reality check on a global level. This tension has been building all year but will culminate on December 21st when Jupiter and Saturn exactly connect. Around this time, dramatic events may force a change of plans, as we rapidly mature or face the consequences. Pencils down: you are being asked to grow and take a risk but without a lot of time to study or collect yourself.

We close out December with a full moon in Cancer on the 29th, with themes of femininity, closeness, and nourishment. You might consider celebrating this full moon by nesting, cooking complicated meals, and creating a vision board for 2021. You’re letting go of old wounds that keep you stuck in “strive” mode and clinging to any internalized misogyny you’ve developed on your way to becoming a strong maven. It’s a beautiful time to shed the last (shredded) bits of 2020 and get ready to open yourself up to the possibilities a fresh year brings.


Listen, Sagittarius season is always party season—with glitz and glamour surrounding every outing and usually at this time of year, being seen by people you haven’t seen for months is reinvigorating. Almost everyone loves your birthday season, bb, because it’s fun and chaotic in, like, a medium-chill way.

But things have changed. You’re no longer the social butterfly you might have been before, or maybe you are, but in a different way. It’s almost like you’ve been forced to find other hobbies, and now you’re realizing you actually kind of love them?! As your birthday approaches, you’re granted another fresh start, but with the solar eclipse in your first house of identity, this one is about emphasizing, accepting, and loving the new person you are becoming. These changes can be a little tricky for you, because you are so used to being bold and feeling a little untamed that you might balk at changing who you are—maybe you’re settling down a little and where you once felt feral, you feel polished. It feels weird for you to really embrace this new version of yourself that has ultimately been brought about by the pandemic, but reinforced by your stars. On top of all this, you are hot to the touch and fired up. You are no stranger to being bold but suddenly it’s easier for you to assert yourself and demand what you want. You might have realized that it hurts just as much to not have what you want as it does to have to ask for it. But now that you’ve asked, nobody can deny you your desires. You are blessed with an extra dose of seduction, so it’s completely within your power to convince anybody of anything this month. People look to you for inspiration, anyway, but it will feel extra easy to get your way. Nothing can stand in your way anymore because you’re no longer too shy to ask. We would be remiss to ignore the fact that there is a major transit affecting everyone that takes place in your sign on the 21st. The rare Grand Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter will put your ability to focus under the microscope—don’t worry, though. Nobody will be examining you but yourself. Now that you really know your worth, though, you might feel compelled to audit your relationships. Where focus goes, energy flows, and if it isn’t where you want your energy to be anymore, it’ll likely get cut from your focus this month.

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It feels like time is moving backwards or standing still… It’s almost as if, if things weren’t already so weird, you suddenly realize that time isn’t real and you have the ability to be, do, and have whatever you want. Whatever piece was missing before has appeared from thin air and made it all make so much more sense. Everything is glittering with a mystical, magical sheen right now for you since the sun is transiting in your 12th house of the subconscious; your spiritual awareness is poppin’ right now. However, with this, healing comes to the forefront of your focus. This is intensified by the solar eclipse which brings a new chapter. If you’ve been struggling with an ending, this eclipse is most likely going to bring you to a place of acceptance. Things have changed so much this year and for you, and that has sparked some pretty serious personal-boundary-setting and self-affirming activities. It’s possible this hurts some people or some people in your life no longer fit into the equation. While this is difficult and painful, it’s ultimately for the best. It’s time for you to grow and begin this new chapter.


Reconsidering and restructuring what “community” means has been at the forefront of your focus this year, Aquarius. You’re controlled by Uranus, the planet of promoting freedom through revolutionary thinking. This year has been your time to shine as a leader when it comes to redefining the norm. This year has been the end of an era and a very clear beginning of another. It’s highly likely you’ve taken a lot of time to examine your relationships and friendships this year—and really, really wanted to be the life of the party, even though there was very little partying to be had. You have been restless and your need to be seen and heard has been palpable. Now, as we move towards the end of the year, you’re feeling that need wind down. Cozy season is drawing you inward—it’s time for you to cultivate your spiritual side, your deeper being, your inner child. This shift will come naturally, and you won’t even need to try. It’s just simply time to do some growing up, bb. Alone time will do it all for you, and that won’t be hard with nothing to do this winter. You might have some difficult decisions to make and some serious boundaries to draw. Now is the time.


This month’s solar eclipse lights up your 10th house of social status and career… which means that while you may want December to be all hygge and gluhwein, you can expect bursts of motivation and inspiration instead. This month will be a good time to examine your potential more deeply. You might even be inspired to reconsider your career altogether. Eclipses always clear away whatever is holding you back, so if that’s been on your mind, this could be a nod from the universe. While you might have a tendency to be a little shy, this month is giving you a chance to level up, so put yourself out there. Refresh your LinkedIn profile or your website and find a way to do some socially distant networking. You’ll be glad you did by the end of the month—the time for dreaming and fantasizing about your future life is over. The eclipse has brought what you’ve been desiring to the forefront of your reality, and now it’s time for you to take action and go after it. All that you desire is within the current realm of your reality. In other words, it’s already there and it’s yours; you just have to grab it.


You’re no princess, but December has you at your most sweet and docile, as you accept reality like a champ (no fighting or bitching) and camp out on the couch like a narcotized tiger. This month starts out with a difficult and vulnerable conversation on the week of December 1st, where you come to grips on exactly where you stand with someone. Even with all your strength and willingness to begin again, letting go of something you once loved still brings up oddly loyal and innocent feelings in you. It’s ok to move forward—you’re not being selfish. On the solar eclipse in Sag on the 14th, you’re falling back in love with yourself…and possibly someone else. You want to have fun and feel positive, even if you have to cold shower yourself into getting dressed up. By the full moon on Dec 29th, you’re returning to your cocoon, soft and a little weak. The dark night of the soul you contend with in the last week before the new year is preparing you for your molten re-emergence in January. It is ON, but not until you power down and curl yourself up in a ball to mourn the heft and lightness that was 2020 for you.


This month is particularly cozy time for your usually impeccably put-together sign. It feels like a lot of fixed motion downstream and a soft balm on dry skin. Although you intimately know your limits, Sag season has you feeling more acquisitive and less thrifty for the first time in a while. It’s time to splurge: You finally feel like you have the funds to back up some of your more frivolous purchases and risky business decisions. You are magnetizing money and abundance from the jump, but at the solar eclipse on December 14th in Sagittarius in your 8th house of intimacy and other people’s money, you may need to have some difficult conversations and assert yourself to avoid being taken advantage of. There’s a deal to be made here and it’s good to protect yourself. You may be feeling more tender at the Full Moon in Cancer on December 29th. The weight of what someone did or said around the holidays will give you pause and force you to reflect on how you feel about this person. There is ex friend/ex partner energy here, so protect your light unless you know this person comes in peace.


December is your last straw, dear Gemini. It starts out with a bang on 1st, riding the coattails of the lunar eclipse in your sign. The pressure is ON and everything is HAPPENING. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and starting doing what you’ve only talked about. The frustration that is waiting for other people to get their shit together (or maybe waiting for you to get your shit together *cough cough*) is finally starting to restrict your immense vision and mile-a-minute hair-brained ideas. We can’t let that happen now, can we? It’s time to eat the shit sandwich and deal with the stuff you’re avoiding. Take the events that conspire around the solar eclipse on the 14th as a hard reset: It’s time for a change that will carry you into 2021. Events that have been percolating all year are finally boiling over and requiring your immediate intervention. Leave what you deeply know isn’t serving you and hold on for dear life to what you know you can’t live without.


Baby Cancer, your month starts out a little rough with your patience tested by minor problems that eat away at your comfort. This may be fears and anxieties that you thought you’d ditched resurfacing for their final appearance. You are learning not to listen to the pessimistic voice in your head that makes you doubt a good thing and not invest in your own self-development. You’re striking a balance and learning to control the emotional storms and running list of worries that ruin your progress. 2020 hasn’t been amazing for your accountability, but by the solar eclipse on December 14th, you’re going to be showing up in a big way and leaning into a new money plan, healthy habit, or lifestyle shift. You’re sick of your own excuses and recognizing it’s not going to take care of itself unless you make a commitment and effort on a daily basis. By the full moon in your sign on December 29th, expect a huge shift in self-esteem, as you realize a personal goal and finally feel appreciated by those closest to you.


Sweet Leo, you’re getting a wake-up call this month. Something that you thought was a gift was actually more like a loan and your plans might require a little rearrangement to accommodate this. Don’t be alarmed, this derailment is actually taking you on the perfect detour to the place you really want to be. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be totally fun or easy, however. At the solar eclipse mid-month, expect to feel a lot more energized, even if you’re also feeling the urge to take a step back from the spotlight. You’re gearing up for changes that will fully bloom spring of 2021 and will set in stone the new habits you develop this month. At the full moon on December 29th, you’ll notice a shadow side of yourself appear unexpectedly. You may be feeling jealous or projecting anger onto someone else when you’re really angry at yourself. Don’t buy into the hype you’re sensing. Your worries are valid but they may be directed in the wrong place. Wait for the clouds to part before you act on your intuitions: It’s likely not at all what you think.


You’re taking on a bit too much this month, baby Virgo. You can’t just stack up all of other’s problems on top of yourself without expecting an eventual landslide of emotion, sleeplessness, anxiety, or depression. You’re getting that message loud and clear this month, as you sort out what *really* is your burden to carry and what your nearest and dearest might be able to handle on their own. At the solar eclipse on December 14th, you’re tucking yourself into self-care and creating a cozy home—you may be decorating or getting into holiday spirit, but you’re also filling your own tank with these little self-indulgences and mini-splurges. Your environment affects your spirit and a clean and organized space with special details really helps nourish your inner world. Lean into the impulse to reconnect with friends and your community on the full moon on December 29th. You’re a sign that is very comfortable going it alone, but we miss you! You’re regaining close relationships that may have fallen by the wayside in 2020 and learning how much others care about your health and happiness this month.


December will have you feeling antsy AF—you really need some stimulation outside of the interactions you’ve been having the past few months. Sure, home is cozy and great and you love it, but you are a social creature, and it’s hard for you to feel completely fulfilled with what you have been receiving. It’s not them, Libra—it’s just in your nature to seek out joy in new connections and part of that is often expressed through traveling or experiencing other cultures. This month, you’re lacking something that cannot really be fulfilled in the current climate. It’s not like you can hop a plane to Egypt or something. But guess what? There are treasures and delightful fascinations right beneath your nose. You can find what you feel like you’re missing all around you. You’re being called to inquire within and examine things more closely, like looking at your day-to-day with a fine-toothed comb to discover new moments for potential joy. The eclipse this month brings you a new way to speak love into existence and when the sun in your 3rd house of communication connects with Venus mid-month, your voice will have magical powers to create the adventurous reality you are seeking.


You’re easily distracted this month, Scorpio, but by no means does that mean you’re not feeling motivated. Expect to be enticed by delicious-seeming diversions, but beware the intentions behind them. You’re money- and power-hungry this month and it seems like you could easily be roped into projects or situations that sound fruitful on the surface but don’t actually benefit you in the end. This is not to say that all opportunities that come your way this month will be deceptive—not at all! Just be sure to read the fine print on any deals before you sign on the dotted line. There is potential for a windfall, but on the underside of that could be some disappointment. Maybe you’re into sour, but make sure your fruit isn’t rotten. You definitely deserve to be treating yourself this month. However! Make sure your confidence isn’t coming from the acquisition of things. The vibe is weird for you this month, and it’s wise to just make yourself aware of the motivations behind your actions. I guess what I’m saying in a nutshell is to practice mindfulness.

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