Your February 2021 Horoscopes with the Spellsisters

What can the stars and the moon tell you about the second month of 2021? We can't wait to find out.
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Welcome to the our monthly astrology column coming by way of Kelli Jenkins and Hayley Trussell, better known around Indy as the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.


Like all crimes, especially heinous ones, we get addicted to the toxic drama of the adrenaline rush and ride the wave as long as we can. February is an over-saturation of all the neurotransmitters in your body. The one flex: You can’t care anymore.

February starts out fittingly *icy* with a tense alignment of Saturn and Uranus from February 7th until the end of the month. Expect serious conversations, iconoclastic decisions, using/hearing the word “no” frequently, as well as role reversals galore. The truth will be coming out and setting you free over the next few weeks. You’re not exactly comfortable with what comes up, but you’re finally breaking free of an old pattern that felt set in stone and decidedly draining. Get into taking your vitamins and protecting your energy: Prepare for a shift in consciousness that requires you to be constantly accountable to yourself and others.

With Mercury in retrograde now until February 20, expect delayed communication, mixed messages, and the return of people from your past. Allow yourself time to redo projects, rethink relationships, and reinvent lost goals, as that is the best use of this energy. This is not the month to make any big moves unless you’re improving something that you’ve already been working hard on. The New Moon in Aquarius on February 11 comes with dastardly aspects to Mars, ensuring volatile emotions are conveyed with classic Aquarian coldness. You are releasing anger through a pressure valve that allows you to retain your dignity and even purify your intentions. You may need to stand up for yourself by guarding your me time with your life around this New Moon, but you’re not afraid of conflict. Bring it on. You’re reaching a point of detachment and clarity about some of your “friends” that maybe shouldn’t have such intimate access to you. It’s okay to politely cut them off.

From February 11-14, beams from Jupiter to Venus and Mercury have you acknowledging how expectations have kept you stuck. Allowing events to disappoint you is a set up and you’re no longer interested in believing promises that aren’t delivered on. You’re caring less and instead embracing gratitude for what does show up. You’re ready to have your needs met, but you’re not feebly holding space anymore. You can make yourself happy and set the tone on your own. Valentine’s Day should be exciting and fun, no matter what happens. You’re embracing the spontaneous approach and looking for what you love in everyone.

Toward the end of the month, a glowing linkage from Pluto creates a tender Nick Cave-esque lust for what you can’t live without. It’s as if what you really value is glowing in full fluorescence, while less important connections and tasks look dark in comparison. This is a sacred time to set your priorities accordingly. Let go of pouring your energy into connections that don’t light you up during this time.  You are being vibe-checked by the universe this month and called on the carpet to show what you’re most committed to and where your loyalties lie.

At the full moon in Virgo on February 27, a significant person or job is being fully released from your life by no fault of your own. You’re learning to trust your intuition and accept the signs that indicate that all isn’t as it seems. February will be a time of galvanizing your fixity of purpose and realigning yourself with goals and people that nourish you. You may be challenged, but you’re not afraid. This will be a breakthrough month where feelings don’t dominate and pragmatism and detachment save the day.


Guess who’s also an Aquarius? Kelli. This month will be opulent, lavish, fantastical, and freaking full of fun, birthday babe. You’ve got goals you want to accomplish this year and your eye is on the prize. Seriously, this is the year we finish our Big Projects™ and get it together. Birthday season has got you feeling vvv. inspired and ready to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely). Nothing can get in the way or stop you from achieving the super specific type of opulence you want to be feeling this time next year. I always think of my birthday as a time to set big goals, and this year I’m personally feeling extra humbled and realistic about my goals, having spent the past year more or less isolated and so much less social. So the point is, Aquarius, where we are often mildly absurd and always a little off-in-space, 2021 is bringing some super realness and perspective into the picture. For us, this February is about surrendering to the fact that we actually control absolutely nothing and accepting the expansiveness of the universe. Have you ever thought about how boundless your capacity for love is? Hear me out. Think about the limitless potential a mother has for the love of her child, the way you feel in relationships that are so, so happy and alive with love. It feels like you can literally not put a limit on the amount of love you can feel, right? Like you truly cannot put a limit on love; there’s no bank. Well, expansion, blessings, and abundance are the same frequency as love. If you can believe that your love knows no bounds, then you can also believe that there is absolutely no limit to the amount of blessings you can receive. There is no cap on your capacity to experience joy. All of the goals you have for this year are the same. Jupiter is seriously blessing us with a golden opportunity to get back after these goals and feel that freaking expansion and abundance. Everything that you could possibly desire is already within the current realm of your reality, is it not? What you want exists already, so let yourself accept it. It’s effortless (kind of).



It’s the logistics for you, Pisces. This month is going to have you taking care of some stuff you don’t normally have to pay attention to. You’ve made some choices in the past few months that have changed your perspective a bit and now you’re feeling a little wiser and like you’re ready to take on more. You have the guts to put yourself out there, and I feel like this month’s full moon will have you taking some risks financially. If you’ve been thinking about doing something like buying a new house, making an investment, pitching a huge project, quitting your job to go after a dream…you might want to jump this month, and who could blame you? You’re being extremely realistic because you’ve probably been through something like this before, and you have already decided that you will not make the same mistakes again. You won’t. You are seeing things with new eyes and you’re more courageous than ever before. Put yourself in situations that challenge you to do the things that scare you.


You’re living beyond your means and out of proportion with what you desire this month, Aries. There’s something that doesn’t compute within your lifestyle that keeps you stuck hoping for someone to save you. This is something that only you can change and which will release all resistance once you eliminate the possibility of it happening. The savior you’ve been waiting for may come this month, but it will require you to save yourself. You will notice all the areas you hold yourself back with daydreams so you can clear a space for the universe to assist you. There is something that you may need to let go of chasing in order to come back to center: this could be a toxic friendship, a placeholder job, an unnecessary relationship, etc. Letting go of this will shatter your expectations but paradoxically reverse the roles so that you are in the driver’s seat of your life again.


You’re torn on matters of great magnitude. Something you know you need to make a careful decision about is being deliberately ignored (or, ahem, slept away) so that you don’t have to deal with it. That’s fine—you have our full permission to go forward at your own pace. However, you may come upon a radical moment this month around the full moon on February 11 where you feel like the ball is obviously in your court but you’re incapable of making a decision. This is a time to embrace your uncertainty and look for ways that external circumstances may provide a fulcrum to push against when you’re feeling unclear. Your wavering is essential right now because you’re about to get your feelings chased out of you at month’s end. You will unapologetically and unflinchingly see what is for you and what is not and move forward according to desire—a language of thought you comprehend far more easily.


You’re feeling grateful and at peace this month. You’re focused on your inner light and not worrying about what other people think about you as you heal old wounds and digest your plans at a deep level. This will be a healthy time where you may receive rapid change and unexpected news, even as your inner world is softening and quieting. The meditative transits that affect you in February have a deeper purpose, to subdue your mind so you can create powerful change. You need this process of inward-turning faith in order to move forward at warp speed on something you’re launching in March after Mercury returns to direct motion. This is a time to gently reconsider plans and relationships that may not be serving your highest good. You already know on some level what’s about to happen, so take your time and walk past the threshold and into the new world.


You’re holding strong and lowering your expectations on an outcome. February has you leveling with yourself and becoming increasingly realistic about what exhausts you and what makes you come alive. This may be in terms of healthy eating, fitness regimens, or boundary setting. You’re willing to put in a lot of work and rise and grind to get the job done. Be careful that you aren’t swimming upstream: You may need to release control if you want to avoid the feeling of flooring it with the parking brake on. By the full moon on February 11, you’re going to reach a moment of reckoning where you feel you simply cannot continue, and yet…you can. You keep showing up and keep soldiering on even though it’s difficult. You’re proving a point to yourself, Cancer. Not everything easy is what’s for you and not all ships are meant to stay in harbor. You’re willing to patiently wait for results after giving it your all because it’s what you really want.


A major truth is being revealed and you may just happen to be the one delivering it this month. The power behind your words is in your own self-assurance. You’ve been through a hard month in January and this month shows you seeing your needs and expectations clearly. Expect difficult conversations and conflict to expose the cherry inside the issue you thought was purely superficial. February is forcing you to reclaim your voice as you struggle to heed to others’ plans and goals for your life—this is a push to reconnect with what you want and what you need from relationships. It’s not about them, Leo: it’s time for you to set the tone and follow the beat of your own drummer. Around the Full Moon on February 11, you’re setting intentions and cleaning up any self-destructive issues that hold you back. On the new moon at month’s end, you’re reclaiming your self-worth and focusing on what is best for you and your pocketbook. Limits are healthy and being rebellious for its own sake is only going to burn you out.


Back in the fray after a month of rest, you’re dealing with the same old drama you’re used to, but finding your own inner rhythm amongst the chaos. If anyone can untangle the mess that comes up, it’s you, dear Virgo. You know the best way around any situation is by carrying one string and holding on tight as you slowly follow it to its conclusion. Your patience is legendary, but this month you may be required to stretch it even farther than usual. You’re feeling like things aren’t moving fast enough but honestly, you’re just not ready for the sweeping changes you’ve been working toward. You need to sink into wholesome routines and consistently show up for yourself before you can expect to see a shift. This frustrating time is encouraging you to pull inward and work on yourself. Expect to experience a powerful Cinderella within the two weeks following the new moon in Virgo on February 27 which will see you recovering all the blessings you thought you somehow lost this month.


It’s taken every ounce of effort for you to get where you are, and now is not the time to forget who tf you are. Recently, you’ve been tested in relationships of all sorts. You’ve exposed a part of yourself that you’ve previously kept hidden in light of these tests, and as a result, you’ve grown defensive at times. It’s not what you want anymore and you’ve realized that some of these situations just aren’t in alignment with who you are becoming. You have to set major boundaries this month and cut whatever’s toxic off at the root. Honestly, this is a magical opportunity in disguise. Whatever can be saved needs to be rehabbed like a completely limp, struggling plant. If a plant is sick, its only hope for survival is to save the roots, cut off the leaves, so all the energy to be spent on revival. Not all dying plants can be saved; not all dying relationships can be rehabilitated. You have the tools but you have put in a lot of work already. You are at a fork in the road here. You can make a left turn and start fresh or you can stay steady in this path and try to mend what has been broken.


Self acceptance weighs heavy on your mind this month, as you realize all the times you have not honored your Self. Your inner voice, your intuition, your gut instincts: They are all there for a reason. You know this intellectually and generally, you’re a pretty in-tune sign. But in practice, you have some doubts. You might have been finding it awfully hard to connect with that spark of knowledge you usually feel within yourself—it’s normal and as corny as this sounds, it’s part of your journey, tbh. As a Scorpio you’re used to trudging deep within and keeping a lot of yourself to yourself. It’s possible that someone has tested this or challenged you to open up and show them who you are. You are safe and you do have the space for this; it’s literally been the thing you’ve been working on your whole life, so when the opportunity to trust presents itself, reach out and take it. It’s not like it’ll never happen again, but if you don’t take it now, the pattern will continue to play out. Trusting that you can expose yourself is truly one of your life’s greatest achievements, Scorpio.


Wowowowowow, Sadge, can you feel that? Something freaking amazing is happening in your midst right now. February might usually feel like a downer for you but for now, you feel sparkly, expansive, inspired, excited. You are actually feeling abundance swell within and around you in a very real, potentially even physical way. Listen, I’m not saying you have done something that everyone else sees as major—you’re probably even downplaying the moves you’ve been making recently. But I’m freaking out: You’ve been stretching your boundaries and taking care of some mildly, at best, uncomfortable tasks. You’ve got new sources of inspiration, a reawakened awareness of your potential. What is usually seen as typically Sagittarian impulsiveness is now showing up as resourcefulness and flexibility. You are making huge changes in your life that leave space for you to actually finally receive what you’ve been wishing for. I can feel that something big is coming for you this month—your energy is contagious.


Things are shifting for you at warp speed and what once felt like the most natural situations in your life suddenly seem kind of contrived. It’s like suddenly you’ve woken up as another version of yourself and all that was effortless when you laid your head down requires close examination. You’re a powerhouse, bringing in change like a lightning bolt. Mostly, people are overwhelmed by your swiftness and effectiveness, but this is no surprise to you. Nobody wants to grow like you do right now. It’s like sudden awareness that you’ve been driving in the wrong direction this whole time and gone hours out of your way—while you course-correct, everyone around you is ____ if not appalled. While growing pains can be challenging, this transformation is just a moment in time, and for you, it’s like a revelation or the dawn of a new day. Others might not see it your way but this month’s full moon will bring things into closer focus for you, like an epiphany.

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