Your March 2021 Horoscopes with the Spellsisters

Spring is just around the corner, so let’s see what the stars have planned for you.
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Welcome to the our monthly astrology column coming by way of Kelli Jenkins and Hayley Trussell, better known around Indy as the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.


This month is a big one astrologically, calling for lots of self-examination, consideration, and clearing and cleansing. This isn’t really surprising; honestly, correlate it with “spring cleaning,” but like, spring cleaning of the soul. We’re granted some pretty heady moments of clarity, showing where energetic and emotional reprogramming might need to take place. And don’t worry, none of us come out of this unscathed. Everyone has something they need to heal, some pattern they need to restructure, some toxic bond they need to release.

We’ll get some insight into our coping mechanisms in March, too, likely exposing some blindspots—especially if the ones that are buried way in there, deeply rooted into the psyche. It’ll be hard not to hang onto the old habits that we picked up to “comfort” us; it will suddenly become crystal clear what has become a crutch, working against you and what is working for you and with you. Think of it like the Marie Kondo method of clearing clutter, but for belief systems and energetic distractions. Yeah, that endless doom-scrolling is excellent at passing the time, but we all know by now: This does not spark joy. And that’s just it. March is going to be all about reconsidering how to restructure your habits and patterns in order to create the clearest energetic playground possible. 

With Neptune factoring heavily into the fray, March is asking us to surrender and sacrifice. What are you willing to give up to get what you want? Choose a better thought. Doing what you want to do rather than what you’re told to do frees up your energy to be light and playful. Doing what you’re told to do rather than what you want keeps you stuck, keeps you off your path, and just contributes to the doom-spiral. There’s pretty much only one task: Figure out what you want, set goals to get it, and then commit to them. Keep your promises to yourself.

As the month develops, you see that so, too, are you. On March 13th, the new moon in Pisces anchors you in the abyss as your inner light helps guide the way into a more spiritual place. There may be mysterious connections arising mid-month that have you wondering if you’ve met an angel or just a new friend. March 20th and 21st bring some evidence of the effort. The sun enters Aries, and we’ll likely start really feeling that the days are getting longer, especially because on the same day, we celebrate Ostara, the spring equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere). This is the start of the astrological new year. Some Pagan traditions associated with Ostara: birth, awakening, renewal. What you’ve been waking up to over the past few months is finally coming to life.

Venus also enters Aries on the 21st, bringing the Mars energy to the planet of beauty, love, and pleasure. This will ignite a spark of motivation, likely inspiring extra boosts of confidence, flirtation, a little widening of your socializing circle, and the vibe of going after what you want. Like a switch flipped, we leave behind all of that restful, emotional Pisces energy for lively Aries vibes. The air is thick with hot pursuit, adventure, and creativity. Toward the end of the month at the full moon in Libra on March 28, you are confronting a relationship with full force and opening up any unhealed wounds festering there. A lot of what you drudge up belongs to you, but finally owning it will allow you to set yourself free and move forward with joy. Don’t be afraid if you feel like the only way out is surrender—you’re strong enough to be vulnerable right now.

The first part of this month might feel a little tense; it’s just growing pains. It’s all starting to come together this month. Until then, just trust in yourself and in the universe that you are moving at the right pace, you’re always in the right time, and as long as you’re going in the direction of what feels good, everything will lead you where you’re trying to go. Hint: The destination isn’t the goal.


March is a month of joyous expectation for you, dear one. Do you…feel like you’ve been here before? A funny feeling tingles. It’s because you have been here. You do know these people. This is your real life, and you’ve experienced something like in a past life. As you watch all of your pieces fall into place, trust them. Don’t doubt that the groundwork you’ve been laying this past year wasn’t enough because it absolutely was.

As you enter your next year, know that the pleasure of alignment you’re experiencing is legitimate AF. You might be feeling more grounded than ever and more deeply attuned to your inner voice than you have been for quite a while. You’re coming home to yourself and it’s really, really beautiful, especially since this is your season, love. You have felt your feelings and done the work and now you can really revel in clear connection with yourself and those closest to you.

March will have you feeling so refreshed and re-inspired to go after what you want. Try setting three attainable goals for yourself that you can do every single day to keep yourself in this state of alignment (for example, make your bed, drink enough water, meditate, clear your desk everyday, etc.)–the point of this is that if you actually do it, you know these are things that make you feel good, but also when you do it everyday, you’re proving to yourself that you can achieve your goals. You’re like, sooooo beautiful right now, and the glitter emanating from you is intoxicating. You’re attracting in all of the right people and opportunities just by being yourself. Know that as you enter your next year, you are literally the best you have ever been and that every single day, you get better and shine brighter. This is a good year for you to set some really big goals and take inspired action to chase after them. Your dreams really can come true, sweet baby Pisces. You’re driving the car and you’re in control. You are allowed to achieve the greatness you dream of. Get inspired, bb, and do what you’ve always thought of doing. Receive what you’ve always wished you’d receive.



Big changes are coming for you, and you’re finally feeling ready for them. March shows you stepping forward and taking a risk on a creative project—it’s time to push your ideas out there and risk rejection. When you follow your instincts, you often come up invigorated, so apply for that job or submit your short story, etc. You may be taking a trip or relocating this month, with beams from Uranus and Jupiter urging you to pack your bags and clean up all manner of junk drawers in preparation. It might be annoying but getting all the little stuff figured out gets you one step closer to a new life. Venus enters your sign mid month until the full moon opposite your sign on March 28, so you may be making moves to be closer to a partner or literally taking a romantic getaway. You’re feeling untethered and open to whatever. The stir crazies have got you investigating the ways you can maintain a safe distance while still having tons of fun. 


Someone from your past that you’ve dearly missed is returning. This may entail a family reunion of sorts or even just a cozy night with an old friend. You are feeling tender and remembering who you used to be before life started to make its own rules for you: before the kids, before work got stressful, before you worried you were getting old. You’re finding you’re not old this month—a part of you is forever preserved in time and activated suddenly by the reappearance of this crucial person from a time when you felt innocent and free. You’re reconnecting with your roots and what makes you feel feminine and beautiful this month. Neptune in positive angle to your planets this month has you gripped by fantasies of what might have been and what may be, which is probably a relief for your practically-oriented sign. At the new moon on March 13th, you’ll be making strides in personal beauty maintenance rituals and even dabbling into making it into a side job or multi-level marketing situation. You have big (realistic) dreams this month, and you may start to see inklings that these dreams will pay dividends at the full moon in Libra (a Venus-ruled sign like you) on March 28th.


You may be ending a job or relationship this month. It’s like the dam finally broke on an issue you’ve been dealing with comfortably up until now and you’re finally tired enough to “drop the rope” and let it all go. There’s no anger here, just a strong sense of your own boundaries and inner capacity for bs. You’re taking back (or over) control and setting the rules now going forward, even if that means defecting from a place or person you felt a lot of allegiance to. You’re the boss of your own life this month. With planets transitioning from soft Pisces to hard Aries after the new moon on March 13th, you’re taking back your own power and letting go of self-sacrificial tendencies just in time to push your own plans into motion and stop your overthinking and deliberating. At the tense full moon on March 28th, events will accelerate around you and wipe the slate finally clean. No more sneaking around: you’re taking direct action and you’re releasing your fear of pissing people off.


A trip may be cancelled or rescheduled this month, as you feel torn in two directions about what needs to be done. Some personal issues may have come up recently that have taken you farther from shore than you anticipated and you need a moment to redirect now. You are feeling in your head with anxiety, but a lot of it is in your own head or at least not worth worrying about (as you know, you intuitive queen). With Neptune escalating your fears this month, even as great things appear to be happening around you, try to believe that you deserve the happy changes that are taking shape after a disappointment instead of reflexively waiting for the other shoe to drop. If something is cancelled or delayed this month, you’ll hear more about it at the full moon on March 28th, when the Libra moon forms a tense square angle to your sun and forces news to light. You’ll be happy something *DIDN’T* happen, even if it initially makes you wallow over spilt milk.


You’re cutting through bureaucratic bs and sidestepping the rules of the system this month. You’re making a major breakthrough and maybe finding a legal or administrative loophole that will allow you to live your fullest life and get some extra time for yourself/family, indefinite work from home privileges, or a lifehack that gives you permission to cut something out of your life that has been a significant burden for you. With the new moon in Pisces on March 13th, you’re releasing an old phase of habits and self-concept and emerging from your chrysalis. If you’ve been single or feeling weirdly lonely (abnormal for such a social butterfly), you may be letting that identity go this month and starting to date again or opening your heart to a trusted other. You’re feeling the spaces in your life slowly fill up with friendship, love, and above all else WARMTH. The full moon in Libra on March 28th will be difficult for everyone but you, Leo. You’re brave enough for the transformation you desire and you have nothing left to lose.


You’re ready to focus and in order to do so, you need to be completely and utterly alone in March. You may be texting fervently with friends and catching up with colleagues via email, but you are essentially in your own world and investigating questions only *you* can answer. With Pisces season and with so much activity in your cosmic sector of partnership, you might be working on a relationship goal or issue that feels paradoxically all about you. This month, you may feel the urge to write out your feelings in a letter to someone you love. Sometimes writing words on paper makes feelings easier to express. Even if some of this is about relationships, you’re still  focusing on an activity that will wither without your undivided attention this month. This can include work matters, but also anything that deserves your total focus: reading, writing, making art, studying. At the new moon on March 13th, you will be able to slowly start emerging from your self-imposed isolation to share your thoughts and your insights.


Don’t harden your heart for situations that leave you high and dry. It’s time for you to turn your back on all that makes you feel empty, my love. You may have recently been asked to interfere in some drama—or maybe you’re the one actually in the dramatic situation. Either way, you are tired of being the go-between or intermediary in times of adversity and strife. Here’s a reminder: you are allowed to take a step back from these situations and say no. You are allowed to give yourself a rest, especially if you feel taken advantage of. It may be true this month that not every problem can be solved. You might need to accept throughout the month of March that sometimes conflict arises for a reason; if the problem can’t be solved, it must be worked out. Deteriorating structures need to be demolished, if you catch the drift. There is a lesson in everything and not all problems are yours to solve. Sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie and turn the other cheek.


Babe, you’re no fool…so don’t let yourself be played for one. If you’re sensing that something has gone awry, that’s because it has. You’re a little preoccupied this month with your own things; the past has been stirred and now it’s your duty to process it. There is something trying to throw a wrench in your plans for achieving nirvana and reaching inner salvation. Lately, it seems like you’re a magnet for distractions and being taken off-course. Fret not, though, Scorpio. You are kind of on fire right now. It’s like no matter what limitations or diversions are thrown at you, nothing can pull your focus away from your innately intuitive inner world in March. What I’m trying to say is that you are on a serious quest for self improvement this month, and no matter how compelling it is, you’re literally just not feeling available for other things right now. It seems like there’s a lot of potential for someone or something to be, like, absolutely desperate for your attention. But again, you’re not a fool, and so, you can’t be fooled. Just tell them that they can try but they can’t bullshit a bullshitter.


Even when you feel like you’re being pushy as you demand what you know you want, I can assure you, you’re not. You are, above all else, humble and recognize where your senses fail you. Your intuition is sharp throughout March and you know with crystal clarity when you’re not getting what you deserve. It is not selfish to take a step back and refuse to engage in situations that feel less than stellar. Anything that feels not up to par will be highlighted this month as you begin to feel a little bit off-script in the context of relationships. Your desire to connect with everyone is heightened right now, and you’ll be feeling like stepping out of seclusion a little bit more. The past few months have brought to the forefront any relationships that spin you down a lack mentality spiral, and you’ve had some ~realizations~ lately. As you cut yourself free from whatever makes you feel less-than, stay grounded. You’re not being a bitch by asking for what you need. Unbeknownst to you, there is something larger at play here, and removing the obstacles of what you thought you wanted has been creating space for you to allow what you really do want into your life.


If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that your investments have been paying off. I’m not sure if we’re talking about, like, stonks, or investment in relationships and healthy habits, but either way, look for the signs. Okay, listen: I know you need it to be practical and not whimsical, so I’m going to get straight to the point here. The month of March is testing you—no, imploring—to allow yourself to see what can’t be seen. I know that’s probably still too whimsical for you. Just because you don’t have the cold, hard facts, peer reviewed, does not mean that it can’t be true. Something can be true and also not proven. Even though your feelings have not undergone the scientific profess, they are still valid and very real. My point is that you really, really need to trust yourself, Capricorn. You need to allow yourself to be okay with a feeling guiding a decision. For once, you have to let your gut guide you. You are so brass tacks that usually this rubs you the wrong way, but I’d put money on you having a sneaky suspicion that you’re right about something that hasn’t been proven yet. Take the money and run.


Are you being genuine? It’s not like you to not stick to your word or your guns. Literally no one can blame you at all for sending a tasteful nude or hitting up that super cute barista you’ve been wanting to get to know. Literally—I cannot stress this enough—no one will be mad at you, but you’ve got to be honest, okay? It’s time to get deeper into Your Self™ and understand your sexuality more. So there is no reason for you to feel, like, deviant guilt, or anything like that, for just seriously needing to be a little delinquent in the DMs. Know that none of this is too serious. You don’t need to burn your life down for something you can’t hang your hat on. But consider the facts while you transcend your body and flaunt your signature panache in the wild. Are you making a grand gesture to cover up your real feels? Are you making a grand gesture for something you don’t give a shit about? Be awfully careful with your grand gestures this month; they aren’t worth anything if they lack intention. You don’t need to move across the country to tell someone you care about them. You do not need to tell your mom you are about to marry that barista. Please, Aquarius. Restrain yourself. Just a little.

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