Your November 2020 Horoscopes with the Spellsisters

Listen, everything is uncertain right now—but we’ll still be looking to the stars for some guidance.
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Welcome to the our monthly astrology column coming by way of Kelli Jenkins and Hayley Trussell, better known around Indy as the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.


Although we started out the year knowing that 2020 would be a “momentous year” astrologically, I don’t think we were expecting all of this *gestures at…everything*. We naively opened the year, excited for big change. Little did we know that life as we once knew it would be largely unrecognizable by the end of the year. Now, as we wrap it up, we also close out some very heavy astrological transits…and make way for new ones moving into 2021. November gives us a last-ditch opportunity to tie up any loose ends.
Dismantling outmoded belief and structure systems has been the theme of the year, and these efforts have gained considerable momentum in the past few months. Saturn, our planet of responsibility, is in Capricorn, inspiring society to be more realistic, sparking even further disruption. We’ve been giving up dreams that don’t seem like they can become reality, focusing our energy toward more practical matters. This has been a very productive time for change and November is a culmination point for that inferno of energy that’s been building all year.
Throughout November, aggressive, fiery Mars retrograde dominates the sky, making a square with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn before it goes direct. Mars is retrograde through November 14th, causing what might feel like a halt to progress, but don’t worry—this is temporary and forward motion will resume as Mars once again goes direct in the middle of the month.
Mars retrograde is challenging for most of us. What we tend to think of as “blocks” can show up socially as a lack of emotion, a lack of motivation, and sometimes selfish impulsivity. We feel a need to claim what we deem to be rightfully ours, often forgetting what we truly desire and who we really are. Be careful not to act too aggressively or too quickly, at least until the middle of the month when Mars sets itself direct again. This time period can expose some of your deepest desires, but examination is required and with so many intense aspects, it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees right now.
Mercury retrograde strikes again, lasting from mid-October through early November. Mercury, the ruler of communication and messages, goes retrograde several times a year, causing miscommunications, misunderstandings, and problems with technology. Beginning the month with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, we can anticipate potential technological disruptions to the presidential election in the USA. Mercury will stay retrograde until November 3rd, on the day of the election. If you can, vote early and in person. Expect drama and delays.
A Lunar Eclipse in Gemini brings the month to a dramatic close on the 30th, highlighting the reality of the perspective shifts that have arisen during all of this year’s retrogrades and challenging aspects. Lunar Eclipses are a time for shedding—again, a major theme for the year. This is one last moment we are being given to release whatever is holding us back before we head into December and prepare to close out the year. One door closes, another one opens kind of vibes.


Welcome to the dollhouse, bb Scorpio. As a living gorgeous ghoul, this is truly your *season* and November has you slinking into this intense yet grounding month like you’re slipping into a second skin. You may be feeling more *you* lately and getting more comfortable with expressing your honest opinion in much more positive ways. People trust you because you tell it like it is, but you’re learning to temper your words to match your intention and avoid giving away too much of your opinion without being asked.

With your planetary ruler Mars going direct at mid-month, you’re learning to focus on yourself and not have to play mother-bear to errant friends, family, or even exes. At the New Moon on November 15th, expect a cosmic cleansing and a review of old trauma for purging purposes. You’re ready to let go of old wounds and patterns that are not serving you. November is Scorpio’s annual “spring cleaning” and the Phoenix in you is rising from the ashes for another turn around the sun. At the lunar eclipse at month’s end you’ll be feeling the explosive energy and sublimating it into a creative project. You’re learning to mind your own business and tend your inner fire, lest it burn out of control.

Famous Scorpio: Kendall Jenner
Local Scorpio: Jessie Eskew, owner of Onatah General | 1339 Prospect St. |



Your scintillating spirit is swelling with the changing times and feeling unexpectedly emotional as November begins. It appears that a fiery climax is approaching on some long-standing issues that have plagued you in 2020. Whatever you’re currently worried about is part of a larger issue that you’re finally too exhausted to be concerned with anymore. With your planetary ruler Jupiter making its final pass over Pluto, old heavy work problems (and expenses) fall away as you learn the joys of GivingUp™. The lunar eclipse at the end of the month will show you focusing on your future with a valued life partner. You’re ready to make serious decisions and it is feeling *distinctly* now or never. You may have a discussion that finally puts a relationship issue to bed. Trust your gut this month and let your battles choose you.


Your driving ambition and reassuring presence are sorely needed by all the lives you’re soon to touch in November. Cap, you’re notorious for having it all together when other people’s lives are falling apart, and this month shows you getting the recognition you deserve for being the rock for your bosses, partners, children, and friends. At some point this year, you created a contingency plan that is about to pay dividends around the time of the new moon at mid-month. You planned for more chaos than was doled out and it’s going to give you the chance to help out someone else that wasn’t so forward thinking. At the lunar eclipse on November 30, you’ll be rewarded for your generosity with a major decision between two good things in work. It’s a problem anyone would want to have, but the pressure is on. Take your time and think it through.


The veil is thin and you are locked and loaded into the Abyss™ this month, bb Aquarius. You are feeling vibes that may not belong to you and knowing things without knowing exactly how you know. Amidst the pandemonium at the beginning of November, you’re finding a strangely still inner voice that’s serving as a beacon of clarity. With your eccentric ruler Uranus turning up the volume to 11 this month, sudden insights and discoveries about the people closest to you and your relationship patterns are being illuminated. You’re ready to look at your life differently and toss out garbage beliefs that have been unnecessarily restrictive. At the lunar eclipse, you are finding a way to bring together two warring parts of your life miraculously.


You’re the intuitive queen whose indefatigable optimism can turn around even the most hopeless situation, but this month has you feeling oddly uninspired. You’re being challenged to lift yourself up by investing your energy back into the parts of your life that are going well. This slump of fatigue or sadness is meant to uncover what brings you joy and what inspires passion. You may have been running on the fumes of chaos this year and this month shows you re-centering yourself and aligning yourself with what actually matters to you. The final pass of Jupiter-Pluto at mid month brings you a huge opportunity to feel more restored and deeply engaged. As the lunar eclipse caps off November, expect to feel like you’ve gone through a game of Chutes and Ladders, feeling low one day and high the next. You’re starting negatively, but ending on a positive.


Communication is key this month, dear Aries. It’s hard for you to feel understood but this month you might have a special, rare knack for it. Generally, you struggle to come off the way you really want to in your relationships, but this month, with both Venus and Mercury in Libra, you ought to feel a signal boost in your favor. It’s hard for you to be fair to yourself this month, it’ll serve you well to extend grace and gratitude to yourself and everyone you encounter. You can’t expect people to know what you mean or be able to read your mind, Aries. Especially not this month. Don’t the people you’re around have enough of the unknown to deal with? Be clear about what you want, but most importantly: tell them what you don’t want. Don’t make us guess this month. We are working hard enough.


What you think should be easy is also work. Reminder that none of us have it easy, and what you’ve grown accustomed to is not so cut and dry, black and white, set in stone. You, like everyone else have to work for what you enjoy and unfortunately this will take a little elbow grease. Nothing lasts forever, especially that which you don’t appreciate, so be sure to let it be known what you are grateful for in this month of thanksgiving. You will be blessed threefold when you invest in what you love, dear Taurus. What does it mean to you to ask for what you want? What does it mean to be safe and secure? Write it down and seal it to make it so. Remember that nobody will be aware of what you wish for if you don’t say it aloud.


You are at a serious crossroads and there’s a choice for you to make this month: would you like to carry on how you have been or would you prefer to begin again? There is no fault or blame in either direction, but it’s up to you how each side makes you feel. You can stop this train at any time but if you want it to maintain its forward motion, you have to put forth some effort. Nobody knows what you want, even you, so you’ll have to show up and ask, everyday. This month will be illuminating for you, giving extra insight into where you want to find yourself in the future. It’s easy to lose sight of what you’re determined to achieve when you’re so entrenched in your day-to-day, but you’ll realize how easy it is to neglect your sense of time if you choose to focus on the short term this month. Do not string people along if you don’t want them included in your future plans. People aren’t your playthings.


It’s so, so nice for you to feel safe and comfortable exploring your depth like you can in Scorpio season and early Sadge times. It’s safe here in the depths for you, where other deeplings dwell. You are without fear this month, and you’re feeling tuned in, tapped in, and turned on. Lots of inspiration will strike and you might struggle to quell the well of creativity you’re enjoying. You’re no stranger to strange delights, and this month, you will welcome a pleasant toe-dip into your desires. You almost feel boundless, somehow, coming off the Halloween High, and you know that you are powerful this month. It’s not hard for you to call in and attract divinity, as the moon, your ruler, is blessing you in many ways. Spend time getting cozy and wrapping yourself in earthly charms. Not only are you inspired this month, you’re also inspiring.


Wow, this is not super like you, but you…. want to spend the month at home, alone???? This month is bringing you major cozy vibes, and you’re inspired to, like, nest, and hunker down. You’re suddenly super aware that only you can make yourself comfortable and now it’s time for you to take on that responsibility, since apparently no luxury yachtsman is going to do it for you. Anyhow, you would rather do it for yourself, since you’re an expert on pleasing that person. You’re letting go of something huge this month, and don’t worry, because it isn’t sad at all. It’s something you know for a fact is holding you back and making you feel weaker. You’re ready to move on from the illusion that there is someone who will come along to save you from yourself. You have to be your own buoy and drag yourself to shore. No amount of drowning will suppress what you wish to hide from and it’s on you to face it. 


Listen. Do you hear it? It’s your Self telling you to calm down. You’re literally feeling crazy this month as you realize just how much effort and care you’ve put into things that, as it turns out, you can’t actually control. No matter how much effort and care you invest, things are going to be unpredictable. Just take your hands out of it and let the chips fall where they may. No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot control the external factors, and this month that is suddenly crystal clear to you in a way that it hasn’t ever been; you can drop the rope and the game will go on. You find it hard to be understood sometimes and this month is definitely no exception. You might be drawn to pay your dues to a situation or cause that has benefited you in the recent past. You have realized that nothing comes easy or free or without effort but you want to be sure you aren’t leaving any debts unpaid for the future. You are not accustomed to leaving loose ends untied.


Your mind is on fire this month, ready to craft a new plan, create the perfect fall look, and outsmart your colleagues from their promotions. Just kidding, but also…maybe not. You’re feeling a tad ruthless amongst all this resourcefulness, baby Libra, and you’re slowly realizing just how much you have others wrapped around your finger right now. November starts with a moment of silence and rest and by mid-month, the pace considerably speeds up and requires your complete attention. With Jupiter and Pluto in a face-off this month and directly affecting you, you’re being challenged to confront someone who has previously had control over you and turn the tables. You have enormous potential to flip the script right now and by the lunar eclipse at the end of November, you’re going to be reaching a personal benchmark in your self-worth and reclaiming your personal power.

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