How to Power Clash Like a Boss

You, too, can create maximalist one-of-a-kind-looks

Tori wearing tie dye dress with leopard sweaterEver look at someone dressed loud and proud and think “I could never pull that off!”? Well, I am here to tell you that you can pull off anything you want with an open mind, a good tailor, and some confidence. 

Orange and green tank top and purple shorts

What is Power Clashing?

Power clashing is combining colors, patterns or styles that don’t follow “traditional” fashion etiquette in an intentional way to create a one-of-a-kind look. Think unusual color combos, mixing florals and stripes, or animal print and polka dots. Expressing yourself in this bold, maximalist way ensures there is no chance someone else will wear the same outfit and shapes a unique personal style that oozes confidence.  Looking to get more creative with your wardrobe? Start here:

flower dress with plaid blazer1. Color block with unexpected colors – colors directly across from each other on the color wheel or go monochromatic with different shades of one color- colors nearest to each other on the color wheel

2.Mix pattern sizes- essential to avoid all pieces having the same scale so the eye doesn’t get overwhelmed

leopard skirt with floral top3. Mix patterns & prints that use a similar color palette throughout 

4. Mix fabrics and weights – try a satin blouse with a knit skirt or wool dress with a chiffon turtleneck under 

How to make it all work:

  • Think of leopard, and other animal prints as a neutral- wear it as if you would black, beige, or brown.
  • Use accessories to tie it all together and create cohesion (as seen in all looks).Blue and white top with floral bottoms
  • Not sure if something looks right? When in doubt, if you feel good, just throw those shoulders back and  f*ing OWN IT! Confidence is your best friend.

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