February 2024 Horoscopes With the Spellsisters

Learn what’s in the stars for you in February with your horoscope reading from the Spellsisters.
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Welcome to Indy Maven’s astrology column coming by way of Kelli Jenkins, better known around Indy as one of the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.

February 2024 OVERVIEW

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a machine as it begins to break down, the constant, ever-forward march of progress slowing to a trickle. 

As a society, the way we strive for growth has long been unsustainable, and now, with Pluto advancing into Aquarius, our desire to achieve success is outweighed by our desire to share and connect. Production and output have been our guides for ages, but now humanity is king. 

What we build and earn are not the things that make us human. What makes us human has more to do with our connections with each other. How we share what we have—our energy, our knowledge, our resources, our love—how we work together: that’s what makes us human. 

This month blossoms with opportunities to seek and share joy. We’re learning together how to focus on transformation without quantifying it by its outcome. We’re learning that we can feel like we’re making progress on our dreams even if we’re not getting rich off of them. There’s no such thing as quality when it comes to working on yourself.

The shift feels like night and day (at least to me, an Aquarius). Suddenly, I care so much less about the tangible benefits of my efforts than I do about how my efforts may be benefiting my overall well-being. 

The Sun hangs out in Aquarius basking in honesty and authenticity until the 18th, when it makes its way into watery Pisces where empathy reigns. It’s really not the Sun that’s making all this Aquarian energy feel so powerful right now, though. 

We’re totally without retrogrades as Mercury joins the Sun in Aqua on the 4th, meaning communication is smooth sailing. Don’t be afraid to raise your voice for the greater good and speak your truth. 

The New Moon in Aquarius on the 9th is a particularly good time to push yourself to try new things and kick things up a notch. There’s a good chance what you’re working on is pointing you in the direction of a future ideal you have for yourself. Examples: you’ve been thinking about moving, and all your magazines use imagery from the place you want to be; you want to have a baby, and you’ve been working on clearing debt; you’re attracting love, and you meet a wonderful new friend with a hot brother. It could be anything. The key is to listen and trust those little nudges you get from the universe. 

On the 12th, Mars joins the party in Aquarius, bringing with it the power to reinvigorate what you had previously thought was a lost cause. It suddenly feels like you have the power to influence something that, last month, you felt you couldn’t change or saw as a moot point. Now, the hill you wouldn’t even climb before becomes one you’re willing to die on. 

The world can be daunting AF, and it can seem like its problems are much too big for us to solve. The deal with Aquarius season, though, is that it brings us together. For a rare moment, the sum of each of our little low-impact voices is transformed into a great roar with the potential to force change.

It’s all happening and we’re all likely to be feeling the love as, just after Valentine’s Day, Venus also joins the Aquarius party on the 16th. Quirks look cooler, everything is cute and fun, and we’re charmed by each other’s individuality. It’s really hot when you see what someone cares about, and this month, it’d be pretty damn hard to hide.

On the 18th, the Sun transitions into Pisces, bringing an ethereal mood with it. We’re full of feelings toward the last half of the month, and what was inspiring in the light of Aquarius could now feel tender and sweet in Pisces. And then, on the 23rd, Mercury also heads into Pisces. Be gentle with yourself as your emotions fluctuate, and give yourself all the grace in the world. We’re all dealing with so much, including you. Turn some of your compassion inward, too.

We close the month with a Full Moon in Virgo on the 24th. You don’t have to solve all the world’s problems in one day, or even one month. This Full Moon invites rest, although our urge may be to fix things. If you’re so focused on tending to your tasks and responsibilities all the time, be honest with yourself: you’re really just running in circles. The tasks never end. The responsibilities don’t disappear once you’ve checked them off the list. They’ll still be there tomorrow and the day after. Take care of yourself. Pisces season is the time to be listening to your intuition. Take stock of what comes up in dreams, especially around the Full Moon, as they likely contain important messages.

BIRTHDAY ROYALTY <3 Aquarius & Aquarius Placements (Birthday between January 20 – February 18):

You’re vibing in your season, my dude. It may be bittersweet, but it feels good. This is the end of the line for something in your life in a big way, and what better time to let go of who you used to be than on your birthday? It’s time to cut it loose and let go of people, places, habits, old dreams, or whatever is tired in your life. These things are being brought up to the surface so you can release them, and it’s a relief. Throughout February, your personal ambition takes the stage–you’re focused on feeling good for yourself and seeking the kind of joy that acts as a guiding light toward living the life you’ve been dreaming of. Right now, it doesn’t matter what other people want you to do, and anyway, everyone is in your corner right now. Most people want to not only see you win, but thrive. Taking care of yourself physically is the key this month. It’s like you’re on a quest and you need to keep your lives up–the “boss” at the end of the game is you. You’re independent and driven enough to get what you want, but to keep yourself at the level you’ve achieved, you’ll need to be sure to keep your energy up and stay motivated.

Tarotscopes | Strength: You have everything you need to get everything you want. You just need to stay disciplined and tame your inner beast.

Local Aquarius: me, Kelli, Owner of Spellsisters! I was born on February 9. And Indy Maven cofounder and CEO Leslie Bailey celebrates her 40th on February 16!

Famous Aquarius: Paris Hilton, February 17


Pisces Placements (Birthday between February 19 – March 20): 

You’re looking for some solo time, some R&R, and you just need a moment. This month, you’re a chrysalis, licking your wounds in your little cocoon, so that next month you can reign victorious and show the world your beauty. You’ve been giving a lot of yourself to your various responsibilities, and this month you’re receiving a well-earned permission slip to pull back. Hunker down and burrow in, even if you need to change your plans, push back deadlines, and reschedule social obligations. Maybe this period of rest is a good time to pull out a personal project you’ve been working on, even if it seems to take energy from whatever else you’re “supposed to” be paying attention to. Prioritizing your inner well-being is the entire point. Anybody who faults you for valiant efforts to take care of yourself isn’t interested in seeing you advance.

Tarotscopes | The Hermit: Let yourself learn from your inner wisdom and integrate the lessons into your daily life.

Aries Placements (Birthday between March 21 – April 19): 

People don’t usually give you enough credit for your creativity. Your boldness in the way you look for solutions encourages free thinking, and your wild imagination is an asset in any room this month. You can make big change, especially when you work together. Work smarter, not harder, my dude. Let people in and let yourself be just a little more vulnerable with them than you normally would. People trust you more when they get to see your soft underbelly, if only just a glimpse of it. Be sweet to the ones you love and open yourself up to sharing your feelings—love goes a long way. 

Tarotscopes | The Lovers: What you really need is harmony. There are people in your corner—let them be.

Taurus Placements (Birthday between April 20 – May 20): 

If it feels like you’re being nudged into the spotlight, that’s probably because you are, boo. You are the main character of your life, and even if it’s been a little difficult for you to lean into that, this month is all about accepting your role as the star. Pursue what makes you feel inspired, let yourself take up lots more space than usual, and seek opportunities to put yourself out there. Go for the promotion, answer the call, go and audition. You have a good chance of succeeding. If you feel you can’t do it on your own, call in your support group. People wanna see you shine. 

Tarotscopes | The Star: It’s your own belief in yourself that will heal you and take you where you want to go.

Gemini Placements (Birthday between May 21 – June 20): 

You’ve got the long game in mind, and it makes sense—short-term satisfaction isn’t really satisfying to you right now. Where you might usually be impulsive, you feel disciplined. It’s a good time to dig into future plans and let yourself dream. Maybe start putting things down on paper and making longer-term commitments. Even if the goal still feels far off in the distance, putting it in ink is a good start. If you’ve got your heart set on a big trip this year, dig into the guidebooks. Even if you can’t book the flight right now, you can think of what you want your days to be like. 

Tarotscopes | 2 of Wands: Even if your dreams feel way outside your current means, you can begin to call them in with tiny changes.

Cancer Placements (Birthday between June 21 – July 22):  

This month you could find yourself feeling tested by people around you who just aren’t in sync with your goals. At the same time, this is highlighting the importance of the people who are. Regardless, you are meant to keep the peace and harmony in all of your collaborations, whether or not you feel like it. Don’t bite the hand that feeds—the ones that feel out of step with you right now will likely come back around soon and later, when you need them,  you will regret burning those bridges. Be honest and transparent about where your mind is—the ultimate goal is to build partnerships that support you radically, even when you’re not your best. 

Tarotscopes | The Devil: Don’t allow yourself to sink into the darkness or despair of solitude. Don’t expect the worst of everything all the time.

Leo Placements (Birthday between July 23 – August 22): 

The last few months may have felt a little like a social bender. There is no harm in trying to reach all your touchpoints and seek out support and friendship in sort of unlikely places. It did you some good. But in February, your nearest and dearest need some TLC, and you will find yourself tending to a potentially neglected lover, best friend, or family members. It’s time to reinvest your energy in the people and spaces that truly love you for who you are and accept you as you show up. You don’t need to contort yourself or become a different version of yourself to be loved or valued. This month is about investing in what empowers you to be you. 

Tarotscopes | The Sun: Wake up to yourself and notice where you truly shine.

Virgo Placements (Birthday between August 23 – September 22): 

Keep your eye on the prize, bb, because for you, this month is about sticking to the habits and routines that inch you closer to the person you are trying to become. Consistency is key, and you are employing all of your most powerful tools to keep yourself healthy. Your physical health is what enables you to make progress in other areas of your life, too. What makes you feel energized these days might not fit your typical mold–it might feel like you’re out of step with the rest of the world. That’s okay, though. It’s good for you to buck the norm once in a while, even if it’s your own self-imposed norm. Take a step back to ask yourself if what you’re showing up to is out of obligation or if it’s fulfilling some need you have. You don’t need others to express gratitude to you for you to know where your value lies.

Tarotscopes | The Hierophant: Are you following the rules because they work for you? Or only because they’re rules?

Libra Placements (Birthday between September 23 – October 22): 

You don’t have to atone for the ways you didn’t show up for yourself in the past. You only have to show up for yourself now. February is a time for you to shift your focus back to the little you inside–what brings them joy? What would feel good? What would they say if they weren’t afraid? Your inner child is getting some attention (and maybe a workout) this month, but it’s a delight. The most important thing for you to remember this month is that there is no correct way to play. There isn’t a right way to enjoy yourself or express yourself creatively. The only parameters are the ones you place on yourself, and I’m just here to remind you that you don’t need to have any in place for it to be safe, valid, or effective. All you have to do is feel good. And not be mad at yourself for any of the times you didn’t feel good before.

Tarotscopes | Page of Cups: Seeking your own inner wellspring is a valid use of your time.

Scorpio Placements (Birthday between October 23 – November 21):

If you’ve been holding onto hurt for a long time, it may be time to look at yourself closer in the mirror. If your grudge suddenly feels silly and you recognize you’ve acted childishly, you don’t have to do that thing you do and fall down onto the sword to punish yourself some more. You can simply acknowledge that you feel differently about something that once cut you so deep. You don’t have to hold on just for the sake of holding on. This is especially true when it comes to issues surrounding family. Even if you’ve been playing a part in your mind for as long as you can remember, you are still allowed to change things up and switch roles. You literally don’t even have to say anything to address something. You can address it by simply showing up in a different way. You are not always the villain, no matter how badly you want to play her. Usually, nobody is the villain. We’re all just doing our best. They were doing their best, and now you should do yours.

Tarotscopes | 9 of Wands: Do you want to let your love go to waste? Do you want to die on a hill alone? Nobody remembers why you’re mad. If you still do, address it without defensiveness.

Sagittarius Placements (Birthday between November 22 – December 21): 

You are one of a kind, fully free to dream, play, and live exactly how you want. You have never and will never fit a mold, so what would be the point of trying to smash yourself into one now? You can’t contort your way into being “normal,” and tbh, why would you want to? This month, the little ways you access your true self on a daily basis are adding up to show you how they’re creating a bigger life for you. You toil with your little routines that nobody else sees and maybe think they’re silly, but when it comes down to it, those are the things that are building you. Even in spaces where you don’t see yourself or feel yourself fitting in, you play a crucial role. This month feels like looking into a hologram for you and seeing the many different shades of reality. You thrive when you let yourself fall down a rabbit hole, so go ask Alice. 

Tarotscopes | The World: You can completely accept that you are at one with all things. Everything is entwined and you are at the center.

Capricorn Placements (Birthday between December 22 – January 19): 

This month, take stock of your earnings and efforts, recognize where you need to focus more energy and make plans to do so. Your resources aren’t always tangible financial assets. Consider, too, where you spend your energy and time, when and how you give love freely, how you communicate, and all of the knowledge you have gathered over your life. This is your treasure chest, and these are your assets. The insights you gather from taking an inventory of your assets can bring you new ideas. What you’re trying to discover is totally figure-out-able, and you are up to that task. Make February the time when you devote your energy to getting clear about what’s missing in your life. In the process, you just might learn that you already have access to what you sought. The ways you want to “keep” yourself or set yourself up for success are really not that far off. 

Tarotscopes | 8 of Cups: Taking a spiritual inventory initially feels like a departure, but that’s only because you are studying what you’ve already gained.


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