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Learn what’s in the stars for you in March with your horoscope reading from the Spellsisters.
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Welcome to Indy Maven’s August astrology column coming by way of Kelli Jenkins, better known around Indy as one of the Spellsisters. Check out their website and Instagram feed for even more info from the world of horoscopes and tarot, or to book a private reading.


Welcome to March 2023, where we put up or shut up, separate the wheat from the chaff, and start to see the difference between the pros and the amateurs. We’re dreaming of a new era of greater confidence and a stronger sense of self–and then, we quantum leap to live in it. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and see just how serious you are about stepping into your new and improved reality. Get in, loser! We’re going to our Barbie Dreamhouse in our Barbie Porsche! 

This month, several planets are moving and clicking like gears, just like chess pieces strategizing and adapting. The thing is, even if you’re stabbing in the dark, you’re still taking action, and you can always change your course. Something is better than nothing, especially when your loyalties are under a microscope. Everyone can see what you’re really committing yourself to. So, if you’ve been dreaming of a change of scenery or you want to speak your mind, it’s time to cement some plans and really live your truth, my dudes. 

It can be super embarrassing to have your guts on display, but actually, people kind of love to see what you’re made of. People really love it when you lay yourself bare and expose the raw, gritty parts of yourself that you naturally want to protect. We all relate to that part of you that you try to hide or explain away. Why do you think we all love TikTok and reels so much? We want to find someone to relate to, someone that thinks they look just as ugly as we do before we GRW them.

On the 5th, Venus, the mother planet of romanticism, enters ambitious, assertive Aries. There’s high potential for more passionate and forward communication in relationships. Socially, we’re getting a boost from Aries, which is known as a courageous and adventurous sign, specializing in both individuality and self-expression. There’s good potential for fresh sparks, whether you’re already cozy with someone or you’re just starting to look for someone to hold hands with at the Winter Farmer’s Market. 

That same day, Mars enters Taurus. Mars is the natural ruler of Aries, and is known as the planet that rules our aggression–how we take action and assert ourselves. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and is known as the sign of stability. We’re in for a reality check, but in a good way. With Mars entering Taurus right on the heels of Venus entering Aries, we’re being served a large dose of practicality and being guided to take a more grounded approach to pursuing goals.

Mid-month’s vibe is, like, low-key sexually- and emotionally-charged, but measured out in manageable doses. It feels like an electric current humming just so, only noticeable if you’re looking for it. And what better time for such a current than now? All that pressure is building to something that’ll burst, but think champagne rather than fireworks.

On the 20th, the Sun will enter Aries, marking the astrological new year, the beginning of a new zodiacal cycle, and the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Yay! This transit brings a burst of new energy. Dust off all the vision boards and goal lists you made back in January. This is my true new year, and all of those ideas stirred up at the turn of the year have been steeping ever since, all winter. The pull of exciting fresh starts is sweetened even more by having a renewed enthusiasm for pursuing personal goals.

And then, guess what! The next day, the 21st, is the Full Moon in Libra. This Full Moon could be charged with twinkly, aesthetic synchronicities: angel numbers on an indisputable repeat, rainbows, meaningful words and phrases sticking out, nodding at you. In the sign of Libra, themes of balance and harmony are the highlight, with a heightened awareness of an obligation to yield to fairness. Compromise. Release the reins, and they morph into a net.

The challenge throughout March is brought on by warring Jupiter and Neptune making challenging aspects to each other. This could create some confusion around what matters. Existential disillusionment stirs the pot. Stay grounded in the midst of the other, more ethereal transits happening this month, and keep in mind that these are outer planets, so they act as more of a backdrop to the scene. The background sometimes looms large, though, and is nevertheless important, despite seeming ancillary. Be realistic and try to avoid making commitments based on unclear information. Avoid life-altering decisions, unless you know that you know.

Overall, this month welcomes new beginnings, increased passion and boosts to assertiveness. March’s focus is on relationships and staying balanced in the midst of a daydream. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little light indulgence in unreality. Be delusional! Go off! But avoid getting carried away or swept up in the delusions to the point that you neglect the reality. The impractical can always become practical, but just be sure you aren’t forgetting to water the flowers today, too.


One foot in front of the other, bb. You are being transformed and experiencing incredible growth, not just this month, but leading up to now, too. This month brings a shift, opening you up to a different set of potential outcomes because you’re seeing things in a different way than you did before. Embrace the change and trust that everything is going to work out just fine. A burst of creative ideas and energy is stirring up a dormant optimism within and you’re feeling inspired and ready to get to work. A boost in confidence may have led to rash decision-making at the end of last month, so to start off March, you might have to deal with the consequences. There are decisions to be made and you really are going to have to look at this from all sides; take inventory of the facts and weigh all the options carefully… Just don’t neglect your trusty intuition and don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Communication is key and honesty gets you much farther than you’d expect. Be sure to listen to what people have to say in response–no assumptions! After the first week or so of March, you should be feeling back on track and even more tuned into your emotional well-being than before. You, of all the signs, need lots of time to sit alone this month, in meditation or journaling, or even just with a really good book. Rest and reflection are not indulgent! It might feel like you’re sneaking off or squirreling away little morsels of time for yourself. You should have to sneak off to charge up. Nothing can always be one hundred percent on all the time. It’s this rest that brings you the closest contact with your inner voice, inspiring your most creative ideas. 

Tarotscopes | 7 of Cups: The world is your oyster, but tbh that’s incredibly overwhelming. It’s your season, bb. There is no reason to put that kind of pressure on yourself! Don’t make any big, last-minute decisions, pls.

Key Dates: 2, 6, 7, 15, 30

Local Pisces: Hilarious comedian queen, Gwen Sunkel, February 25

Famous Pisces: Elizabeth Taylor, February 27, 1932



You’re never really afraid of chasing your motivations to achieve a goal, but that’s especially true this month. The driven urge to chase a dream! The game is in your favor this month, and you should use this momentum to take the risk, try the new thing, and make bold moves. Early this month, you’re feeling tested and kind of getting an emotional workout. There are some unforeseen challenges but you are not the one to sit around and be played. When put to the test, Aries, you probably feel even more determined to push forward. Be aware of how you’re coming off when communicating–don’t put your foot in your mouth and start unnecessary conflict. Your rock-hard resilience intimidates tf out of some, but the fact that you’re practically made out of steel is deeply inspiring to others. You’re kind of like a light at the end of the tunnel, the way you can power through even when things are hard. This month, take some time to see that in yourself, too. You’re strong and you know yourself. I hope you love those things about you. Later in the month, you may feel like you’ve hit a wall, and it’s probably because, shockingly, you aren’t actually made of steel, somehow. Take time for yourself to check your priorities and consider where you want your energy to be going. Adapt and adjust, rinse and repeat. 

Tarotscopes | The Devil: The Devil only calls when he wants to lure you back into old ways that you’ve already outgrown and released. Don’t answer. Don’t be tempted to revisit the worn out habits you shed long ago.

Key Dates: 14, 18, 20-21, 27


Pedal to the metal, Taurus! You’re so focused on your career and financial health that you might need a little reminder: you need to take breaks and prioritize your own well-being to pull off all that you want to achieve. Especially towards the beginning of the month, and particularly surrounding the Full Moon in Virgo on the 7th, you’re at high risk for overworking yourself to the point of burnout. Avoid being so stubborn that you alienate your co-conspirators. You sometimes do this thing where you hyperfixate on a goal, get hella motivated by it, and then put in work until you see the results… but at the detriment of all the people you’re kind of neglecting and the other things you’re supposed to do. You know how to log off and indulge, though. Here’s your reminder! It’ll be easier as the month moves forward, as you lean into the fact that taking time to focus on your self-care is personal growth. You have to give yourself time to process all that information you’re taking in and know when to put your phone on Do Not Disturb. You can’t really reach those big external goals if your internal world is all out of whack.

Tarotscopes | 8 of Cups: Are you over-promising, and under-delivering? Don’t try to trick yourself into thinking you’re not. You can’t share when you don’t have any resources to begin with.

Key Dates: 6, 16, 17, 30


March promises to be a really good month for you, Gemini! For you, with spring comes a burst of fresh energy and excitement. With great energy comes great responsibility–use it wisely to make progress on your goals. Things are looking way up–it’s almost like everyday feels like Friday. Your confidence is beaming, making you feel a lot more optimistic about where things are headed. You have a lot of goals that, sometimes, you might feel really overwhelmed by, but this month, as Mars moves into your 10th house of public perception and career on the 5th, you’re super motivated and ambitious. This is especially true when it comes to work, so this month, your professional life is on the front burner. But you are also blessed with the gift of gab this month–to this, you’re no stranger, but your ruling planet, Mercury (the planet of communication) is in your 3rd house of communication. In simpler terms, you find it way easier this month to be articulate. You can communicate and express yourself so clearly that it’s easy to get people to see your side, which could help in any negotiations or situations where you need to be persuasive. The New Moon in Aries on the 21st hits your 9th house of adventure and expansion. You could be presented with an offer you can’t refuse to explore something new. Whether it’s an actual plane ticket or just a new way of seeing your life, this month is the perfect time to learn new things and seek out new experiences.

Tarotscopes | 3 of Wands: As Rumi said, “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” You hold the world in the palm of your hand. In other words, you have all the power to create the life of your dreams.

Key Dates: 2, 11, 14, 16, 21


You’ve got a lot of irons in the fire this month, bb, so March is likely to bring lots of plans and progress your way. You might feel overwhelmed at times, but thanks to this month’s transits, you can easily pull it all off. On the 5th, Mars enters your 9th house of travel and education, inspiring you to learn new things and see a different perspective. Lots of new ideas could pop up for you early in the month, and any urges to plan a trip or invest in a course should be followed. Now’s the perfect time to go out there and experience something entirely new because Venus is lighting up your 10th house of career and reputation. There’s a potential development to your career here, as sweet Venus encourages opportunities for advancement, new positions, and/or recognition for your accomplishments. This is music to your ears, because with Mercury in your 2nd house of finances, wealth and money are a focus this month. You could benefit from seeking the wisdom of a trusted advisor or a close friend with strong management skills. Review how you’re spending and make adjustments–you’re looking toward the future and instant gratification isn’t really gratifying right now. The big thing for you this month is the New Moon in Aries on the 22nd. Your 8th house of death, regeneration, and shared resources is being activated here, meaning there’s potential for unexpected financial news. Be cautious of new investments and make good on debts if possible. This month really has the potential to be super productive, bringing lots of positive changes in, and encouraging progress to your goals. Keep your eyes open for opportunities for growth.

Tarotscopes | The Star: Where attention goes, energy flows. You’re on the right track–just keep infusing your hopes with positivity and trust that it’s all working together, towards your greater good.

Key Dates: 7, 21, 25, 30


You’re having a great time shifting from winter to spring, and this month is inspiring af, awakening your enthusiasm to express yourself creatively. Mars moves into your 8th house of debts and deaths on the 5th, bringing some energy to your finances and maybe highlighting an area of your life that’s burdened with grief. Pay attention to how this is showing up for you because it could present in very different ways: grief and debt need to be felt, processed, and healed in similar ways. The important thing is to feel it and heal it, in whatever way is appropriate for you. Venus, meanwhile, is hitting your 9th house of expansion, bringing up the potential for travel or education. Consider marking a date for your next big trip or enrolling in a course to finally learn how to do that One Big Thing. With Mercury lighting up your 1st house of identity and self-perception, you may feel focused on your image and your style. If you’ve been feeling like you need a makeover, now’s the perfect time! March’s New Moon in Aries on the 21st highlights an area of your life where you need to compromise or find balance between what you want and what other people want. You have an open mind, and you’re ready to make your relationships as mutually beneficial as possible for everyone in the picture.

Tarotscopes | The Lovers: What part of your life needs special attention, an extra dose of beauty, a break from the monotony? You can do this in a healthy way without hurting yourself.

Key Dates: 6, 15, 16, 20


The month of March is a quiet season for you, Virgo, as you prioritize introspection and spirituality over marching to the steady beat of progress. It may be time to take a deeper look and reassess your priorities. This month, working and connecting with people feels more important to you than usual. As Mars enters your 7th house of partnerships, the emphasis in your life is placed on relationships. It’s necessary to adjust how you’ve been thinking about a relationship as it becomes clear you have misunderstood the situation–you may have been anticipating a confrontation where there is none, feeding an animosity that only belongs to you. Your 8th house (shared resources) is also being activated by Venus, which has the potential to impact your finances positively. Don’t be too proud to accept if an opportunity for financial support arises. It could lead to greater confidence, allowing you to focus more on something other than hardship. Your inner world is also seeing some action this month, as Mercury touches on your 12th house of spirituality and dreams. Reflection by way of meditation, journaling, yoga, free-writing, etc. can be super beneficial for you throughout March. Growth and self-discovery are the main players in your well-being this month. Take time to listen to your intuition, and know that the little voice giving you advice from within is actually wise. Don’t worry about reasoning with it or trying to make it make sense. Your inner wisdom is just as important as your physical health, and if you trust in that, this month could bring you a ton of clarity and insight.

Tarotscopes | The Hermit: Log off. Turn your phone on DND, or better yet, turn it off. Crack the spine on a self-help book you’ve been meaning to read, take notes, and meditate on your findings.

Key Dates: 7, 16, 30


This March, you’re making the rounds, awakening from your winter slumber, and venturing back out into the world. Socializing, networking, and connecting with new people is the theme of this month for you, especially as Mars enters your 6th house of work and daily routine. A surge of energy and motivation encourages you to tackle all of the daunting tasks you’ve been putting off. You might feel like going out every night and being seen this month, but the priority is work. The part of your chart that manages work and routine is hosting Mars, our planet of action and aggression. Whether you choose to prioritize responsibilities, or you’re forced, tasks have to be tackled. Meanwhile, your relationships are being supported by Venus–platonic, professional, and romantic partnerships are all getting a work out. You’re basically in maintenance mode everywhere. Be careful not to let any of the balls drop. You can manage to stay on top of it all simply by staying present and grounded and not pigeonholing yourself into anything. Basically, try not to become hyper focused on any particular aspect of your life over another, and you’ll be fine–this month, everything is a priority. This month, you’ll be able to balance creativity, practical goals, and strong emotional connections and relationships by leaning into the push and pull.

Tarotscopes | 2 of Pentacles: You can do it all, even though there’s a lot to be done. Ask for help if you need it.

Key Dates: 1, 11, 16-17, 22


Change is hard and growth is sometimes uncomfortable, and you know that as well as anybody. You’re picking up on an undertone and sussing out the truth of a situation, and you might not really love what you see. The easy thing to do would be to ignore the truth and pretend you don’t know, but that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. You sleep better at night when you’re not trying to hide how you feel, and this is something you can’t deny has an impact on you. Ultimately, you’re empowered by this, even though it’s not easy to be the bearer of bad news. A welcoming shift to your routines gives you an opportunity to reflect and free yourself from the habits that aren’t supporting your goals. All these changes, while challenging, are welcoming and they’re providing a fresh perspective. People might not get what’s going on with you, though, because it’s happened so fast–your nearest and dearest could challenge you and push back, but be sure your mind is open to really hear where they’re coming from. You might disagree, but patience is required if you want to keep them close. The end of March is a welcome respite for you, as you really start to embrace your rebirth and all the new energy that comes with it. You wanted a change, didn’t you? Trust yourself and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Tarotscopes | Judgment: When opportunity knocks and you don’t answer, it doesn’t keep knocking, babe. It’ll find another, more welcoming doorstep.

Key Dates: 7, 18, 20, 23


You have an itch you can no longer avoid scratching, bb. The travel bug and desire to pursue new information isn’t unusual for you, but throughout this month, you’re seeking thrills. Your desire for adventure and excitement are peaking, and in the first half of the month you may find yourself trying to deal with it by focusing on your career. Like, maybe if you just take care of your responsibilities and stay motivated, you can work your way out of that mindset… or maybe you’ll work your way into a windfall and be able to afford your dream vacay. However, burnout is real, and it’s just creeping around every bend, waiting for you to take on just one more challenge. Even if you think you’re helping, I promise you this: biting off more than you can chew isn’t actually going to benefit anybody, and likely, would end up causing more problems than it could possibly solve. Be flexible, keep your mind open, and be honest to avoid conflict and disagreements. The end of March feels like a weight has been lifted, and you should feel like you’re making progress. You might have even reached a milestone. Now, you can breathe and celebrate your wins. This month is sure to be one of personal growth. The challenges you face are just adding fuel to your fire.

Tarotscopes | Strength: You can do anything, but you don’t have to do everything.

Key Dates: 1, 7, 16, 21


Rome wasn’t built overnight and neither is emotional intimacy. You want to build a deeper connection with someone? It takes time, effort, and work. If you want to have deeper relationships, you have to be deeper, Cap. Your home and your family are your main priority as we begin March, and you feel a strong desire to build your own little sanctuary at home. It’s good to nurture your spaces and your people if you want to strengthen your relationship with them. Work presents a problem mid-month, likely because you overcommitted sometime before this month, but you can get through this. Be willing to adapt and stay patient in the face of adversity. Keep an open line of communication and be willing to delegate some of your responsibilities. People don’t feel trusted on an emotional level if you don’t trust them to collaborate with you. Later this month, you have a ton of clarity and you might feel like you need to finally put your foot down somewhere. If there’s a decision you’ve been postponing, now could be the perfect time to make a commitment and believe in the direction you’re taking. Your main takeaways from this month are greater emotional intimacy and a stronger sense of clarity. Your relationships need you to commit to them.

Tarotscopes | The Sun: Optimism and clarity are the greatest currency, no matter how difficult they are to come by.

Key Dates: 16, 20, 30


You’re learning, bb, and it’s really freaking admirable. Your willingness to approach the unknown with creativity and enthusiasm is an inspiration to everyone around you. Cash rules everything around you right now, Aquarius, as you take inventory of your possessions and their value, exploring where your financial energy is being spent–your future is heavy on your mind and you’re approaching life with a practical mindset to invest in it. There could be minor disagreements or misunderstandings in your relationships, but if you’re willing to hear out the other side, it’s likely this will blow over easily, before it even becomes a *thing* maybe. Patience is a virtue and you’re not going to get much instant gratification right now. Your life is very focused on the long term lately, and that’s good for you. It pays off to finally give this area of  your life some attention because it’s been neglected for so long. You have all the tools to make any necessary decisions and by the end of the month, it’ll be easier to see a clear path forward. Approach everything with curiosity–it’s fun for you to explore topics on an intellectual level, but be mindful about getting too deep in the weeds.

Tarotscopes | The Hierophant: A healthy dose of reality is just what you need to advance past this boring little hump.

Key Dates: 2, 16, 23


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