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What’s on deck astrologically this month?
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July throws us all for a loop with some amazing expansion that also comes with a healthy dose of challenge. Opulence is everywhere as we traipse happily along through vaxxed-girl summer and feel more connected intimately to all of our relationships and to our projects, be they work-related or extracurricular. This month starts off with Mars making a difficult square to Uranus. While we’re all out having fun and living a bit of the summer dream, it might be hard to also pay attention to the decisions we are making. Words are a spell and so are actions. How you spend your time is setting an intention, be it intentional or not. 

During the better part of this month, the stars are challenging us to assess what we are committed to. The point is, whether you’re conscious of this or not, how you spend your time now is setting the stage for the next several months ahead, and ultimately, making decisions without weighing your options and thinking of what you want in the long run is super risky right now. Inattention can contribute to anxiety, impatience, and aggressiveness. On the other hand, setting boundaries with the people closest to you, knowing your limits, and then asserting them can assist with your acceptance of change. When the universe sees your acceptance of these growing pains being thrown at you, it rewards you with good sex, more fun, and positive growth in relationships and at work. On the 11th, when Mercury enters Cancer, you can expect to feel especially skilled at expressing yourself and seeing deeper meaning in these growth situations. Your intuition and sensitivity are on high alert right now, in a good way, and you might realize now that your dreams are sending you messages. You’re being asked to be more critical, see deeper meaning in symbols, and allow others into your heart right now.

Unfortunately, none of this is easy, and even though it is synchronous and fated, a confrontation between the head and the heart is inevitable right now. It will feel like disappointments and struggles make sense even though they hurt. On the 15th, Chiron begins its retrograde in Aries, showing us areas of long-repressed aggression and anger. This will likely show up in intimate relationships as they are closest to your heart and it’s likely that wounds stem from love and are stored in your off-the-cuff reactions to minor pains. You might find yourself reacting intensely to something that feels like it’s really not that big of a deal… but it is a big deal because you’ve been tamping down pain associated with an unrelated wound from the past. It would be wise to consider two questions right now: why are you so upset by this situation, and why did you repress that pain in the first place? Let yourself be vulnerable and don’t self-destruct. This will be a phoenix rising from the ashes moment; you have to burn it down to rebuild and being seen through this is so important.

On the 21st when Venus enters Virgo and on the 22nd when the Sun enters Leo, you might feel a spotlight on you, but maybe not in the way you’d like. You have a desire to express your talents and your deeply authentic self right now, but this is being met with some over-analysis of your feelings. Don’t stop yourself from having a good time and getting your needs met just because you feel super critical of yourself and romantic partners. Also be aware of judgment—both of yourself and of others. There may be a tendency to feel a sort of Madonna-whore complex this month, about yourself or projected onto others. The binary is so severe that it’s destructive, so it’s important to practice radical self-acceptance and extend this gesture to others, as well, especially romantic partners. You’ll snap out of this on the 27th when Mercury enters Leo, giving us lots of self-esteem boosts and motivation. When our planet of communication is visiting sparkly, opulent Leo, the authentic self is highlighted and while, this can of course, lead to some arrogance or cockiness, generally this is a good thing. We all need to just be seen sometimes and now is one of those times.

BIRTHDAY SPOTLIGHT: Cancer (June 21-July 22)

It’s your introverted time to shine in the shadows. You’ll see that July sets the stage for you to claim your dreams and make them real, even if you have to usher them in quietly. On the new moon in Cancer on July 9th, you’re experiencing a personal renaissance and renewing your commitment to your own body, mind, and spirit. You’re glowing and it’s not something you’ll be able to hide right now. You’re not the same person you were in 2020—you’ve totally departed from a lot of the plans you had because you thought you had to get realistic. But now you’re ready to party. Your daydreamer nature has started to grow back after going weak from disuse. It’s time to start a creative project and make yourself feel engaged, wild, and beautiful all on your own. Don’t be afraid of your freedom this month. At the full moon in Aquarius on July 23rd, you’re opening up a part of your old trauma in exchange for deeper clarity and release. With this moon falling in your cosmic area of skeletons in the closet, it may initially be unwelcome triggers that open up a deep cavern within and make you break bread with your old monsters. Something someone says that they didn’t mean to say hits you hard and has you thanking yourself for galvanizing your self-image at the beginning of the month. You know yourself now and you cannot be shaken to your core the same way you once did when the original trauma happened. The reason for this intense reactivation of an old story is for you to change the ending. The beginning of July shows you entering as the sacred hero and the end of the month shows you exiting as the transformed soldier. The goalposts have moved farther away but you’re more powerful than ever and you haven’t had the opportunity to realize it until now. 

Famous Cancer: Solange 

Local Cancer: Liz Foster, owner of the shop Dear Mom |  2121 E 10th Street 46201 |



Leo (July 23-August 22)

It’s almost time for your yearly summer glow up, but you’re still working on some of the finishing touches (costumes, accessories, OH and hair) at the beginning of July before revealing yourself to full effect. You’re typically the true maven of summer, so even if you’re starting off a little slowly in getting yourself out there, you’ll emerge from your chrysalis like the social butterfly you are. The full moon in Cancer on July 9th falls in your cosmic house of spiritual cleansing and cosmic reset, so you’re not feeling tip top until at least mid-month, where you start to mentally shift into high gear. You’re feeling yourself on July 23rd when the sun moves into your sign and the full moon in Aquarius falls into your cosmic house of partnership. You’re one of the top 3 signs to say they hate drama (*ahem* along with Sagittarius and Libra) when they really love tf out of it, so this high tension time shouldn’t bother you—it will likely feel invigorating. A relationship should reach full magnitude by your birthday.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Are you afraid of what you could be if you didn’t care who everyone thought you were? You’re about to start challenging the old views you’ve had of yourself in favor of loosening up and going to the beat of your own weirdo drummer. Does that mean you might not be getting all your work done? Maybe so, but no big deal. At the new moon in Cancer on July 9th, your image as part of the collective becomes much more important than your obsession with doing the right thing. Do your book clubs, business organizations, and friendships make you feel nurtured and seen? If they don’t, you may do a hard reset on one of these areas or start a new clique altogether. You’re a giver, but the first half of July shows you investigating whether you even *like* who you are around other people instead of reflexively jumping in wherever there’s a need. You’re questioning who you surround yourself with. At the full moon in Aquarius on July 23rd, expect an issue with a friend or therapist to highlight a critical tone in your relationship. You do not deserve to be diminished and it’s finally time to clear the air.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Everything that does not glitter is lackluster. As far as money and responsibilities go, this month is a little bit of a course correction. You might have debts to repay, bills to catch up on, new projects stirring and bringing in new income. You feel a strong urge to secure the bag right now. Follow your budget closely, line for line, and be careful to consider the long game. Instant gratification is great, but you still have to take care of your responsibilities, unfortunately. But for you, the party never ends, and you’re always down to throw caution to the wind, have fun, and take risks. July is going to have you reconsidering priorities. Where have you been neglecting yourself? Eventually it all catches up with you. Yeah, you have to pay bills, but relationships and responsibilities that feel more draining than rewarding start to take their toll. We can’t go out every single night and never drink any water, honey, or we’ll get sick. It’s no longer acceptable to compromise your health or wellbeing to accommodate situations that feel toxic. You don’t have to be okay with something just because you were in the past, and while confrontation isn’t your fav, it’s probably gonna have to happen at some point.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

You’ve changed and you’re so dazzling. How long were you holding yourself back, bb? It’s been a long time, but you’ve been shedding the extra layers that hide your soft pink underbelly. It’s become clear to you that what you thought was protection was really just a farce, anyway. Now you know that you have been just as susceptible to disappointment as the rest of us, even with the armor. You don’t want to have to carry armor around everywhere you go; you want to be seen now. Really seen. And you want to be seen for who you’re becoming and not necessarily who you’ve been in the past. You really need to have a safe space to not be so hard. Pay attention to who is giving you that space. Old friends can come with you but if they don’t want to let go of who they thought you were, they don’t have to. You don’t have to play that part anymore and now that you’re free, you’re inspired. The new moon is lucky for you this month. Let yourself fall in love. Go on an adventure. Fantasize about your dream career and start making it happen. Spark up a conversation with a stranger. You have no idea who they might be.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

The tea is piping hot and you’re feeling like the subject up for discussion in July. Even if you’re not really on everyone’s mind, you’re living that tall-tale cowgirl lifestyle and assuming folk hero status this summer. You might find yourself running into wild storms of emotion that feel a little upsetting even as they reset your inner compass and get you in touch with your feminine side, an oft neglected part of your spirit. You’re learning how to get in alignment with what you want after getting in the habit of chasing the external. At the new moon in Cancer on July 9th, you’re working off the fumes of your intuition instead of overthinking and digging yourself into an intellectual wormhole. With July 23rd’s full moon in Aquarius, you don’t need to find a rational reason for doing anything right now, just let the path unfold. It’s Cancer season: be open to the infinite and stop trying to control how your dreams show up and they’ll manifest wilder than you could have ever imagined.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

You are so focused on the future that you’re not noticing how much is going well in the present. This is normally an admiral quality in you because it pushes you to achieve more, but right now, focusing on your problems is not moving you anywhere near the solution. At the new moon in Cancer on July 9th, you’re doing shadow work and honoring yourself while not allowing your old, ugly patterns to throw you off. If it doesn’t feel good, you shouldn’t be thinking about it. You’re one step closer to integrating your tender, vulnerable side (we knowww you think it doesn’t exist). Your confidence often comes exclusively through experience, but the full moon in Aquarius in your cosmic area of self-worth has you feeling out of your depth and in a new and very different zone. You’re wandering through new terrain but still respecting your old boundaries.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Being cool, calm, and collected is what you’re famous for but early this month, things that usually feel like tiny nudges of annoyance could have you off-the-rails testy, picking fights. Throwing a fit would be super embarrassing because you usually don’t care. It might seem like a big enough deal now. But is it really? It might feel like stirring the pot is the way to get things done but really, this is, like, a dusty old pot you never even use that stays in the back of your cabinet. It’s nothing major and this is short-lived. This is one of those pick your battles months for you. Everything has been going so well: you feel more balanced in body, mind, and spirit than you have for a while. So why would you let a momentary emotion ruin what is otherwise aligned? A split second can change everything: don’t make that biting comment to your coworker, don’t lash out at your partner, don’t flip off the driver that snakes your spot at the grocery store. It’s not worth it. If you leap for the throat, you’re ultimately cutting off the nose to spite the face.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

What is a diamond before it’s a diamond? It takes insane pressure, incredible heat, and a super long time under very specific circumstances. And even then, before we call it a ~*diamond*~ it’s just another rock. It’s simply a sparkly stone that has come to the surface of the earth as the result of a major environmental disruption, and it’s special simply because we have decided. Okay, so what I’m saying is that it has taken you a long time to become a diamond. You’ve been feeling hardened where you were once soft and maybe even soft where you would rather be hard. The past few months have been a lot and now you are ready to chip back at that hard surface. When it comes to texts and emails, you can avoid analysis paralysis by being direct rather than reading into ambiguity. I know you’d rather intuit, but sometimes it’s better to just ask. Your intuition might be off this month. Now is one of those times you should just ask; the hard work will pay off. People have been modeling self care and showing you how to ask for help. Now that you know how, what are you unwilling to compromise? It’s time to demand it. You’ll get what you ask for right now.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Allons-y! You’re feeling even more feral and angsty than usual but don’t let that incline you to pull back and rearrange yourself. You’re perfect as you are this month and those inner rages are inclining you to kick your own ass back into gear as much as they are making others around you a tiny bit prickly. Expect an enormous opportunity that requires you to do a little digging around the new moon in Cancer on July 9th. This will force you to make an effort but you’re scanning the horizon for changes like a wild animal anyway, so you’ll be ready when you catch your break. On July 23rd, plus or minus a few days, you’ll sense it’s time to finally break the eggs and make your figurative omelet with the full moon in Aquarius directly challenging your cosmic house of solar potential. You may have been walking on eggshells and trying to stay in the lines, but it’s becoming abundantly clear this month that things are already a bit of a mess, so getting dirty doesn’t carry the same weight: it can be fun.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

It’s your world, we’re just living in it, bb. July shows you leading the fray for hot girl summer, much to your surprise for your home-loving, habitual sign. You’re done feeling bored with yourself and ready to really live (with no holds barred). The heavy fire emphasis this month will challenge you not to be lazy, but to still relax with abandon. You know how to have fun and you’re going to feel like taking turns hosting others, ordering in, and romping outside on vacay. Walking on the wild side could get expensive with Venus and Mars in Leo, so don’t fear having to pay a little up front to get the better tickets, the nicer hotel, or the VIP access. Your money-conscious sign saves their pennies for a time just like this. On July 23rd, the full moon in Aquarius could cause an unexpected issue in your career front which forces you to rethink your plans. This is more of a detour than an outright track shift, so just wait for the air to clear before you start trying to fix anything.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Pay attention. Is what you’re doing rational, bb? Why are you doing it? You have been known to act on impulse at times and right now, it’s especially hard to decipher the truth. So even if you have all of the information, pause. Quick reactions are going to make you look absolutely crazy because you’re most likely not seeing things clearly this month. You’ve been showing up all the time, somehow seemingly in multiple places at once. Confusion is inevitable; it can be hard to keep it all straight, even for you. Everyone thinks they know you. You’re everyone’s best friend. When you’re playing so many parts with so many moving targets, you seem like the charismatic Social Good Luck Charm™ that is stereotypical of Gemini. But you’re more than that. Everyone is relying on you to give them a good time, but when it stops being fun for you, you have to learn to turn off the performance. There’s more to you than the good times. It’s harder to hide the intense parts this month.

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